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Vudu is living in the shadows of streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix and HBO Now. Vudu Movies On Us might however be a service that will bring more sun on their name.

We wrote our original article about Vudu back in 2014. Since then we haven’t focused much on Vudu, except from an article we wrote a few years back on how Vudu implemented PayPal as one of their accepted payment methods. But, recently Vudu introduced a new service and that is what got our attention and made us write an article about them again.

This new service from Vudu is named „Movies On Us” and it is a great improvement to their service. In a way this is an improvement of their service in the same way as Prime Reading was a great improvement to Amazon Prime earlier this month. But, what is this new Vudu service about? Is it free? Can I enjoy it outside the United States as well, or is it only available in the USA?


What is Vudu Movies On Us?

Movies On Us from Vudu is a service in which they offer you movies to watch for free. You do not have to pay anything for the movies available and you do not even need a monthly subscription to get access to them. But, how does this actually work?

The principle behind Movies On Us is the similar to the way we watch television. It is a commercial based product, and you pay for the services as you watch the commercials provided to you while you watch. Before each free movie start you will have to watch 1-3 commercials, and while watching you will also be interrupted by commercials from time to time.

A couple of years ago we tested a similar service for calling. You could call and speak to anyone for free, but once in a while your phone call would be interrupted by a commercial.

That is how Movies On Us is totally free, but at the same time not completely as you pay for their service by watching the commercials. Watching commercials should however not come as a problem to most of us, and considering the fact that we can watch for free makes up for the commercials we have to watch.

What kind of movies can be watched on Movies On Us?

You will of course not be surprised to find out that the newest blockbusters can not be seen on Movies On Us. But, there are quite a lot of older films available for free which still is of interest to the public. Last year a modern Point Break movie was released, but most people agree on the fact that the original movie was way better. Haven’t seen the original Point Break movie yet? You can watch it for free now with Movies On Us.

The big winner during the Academy Awards in 2016 was Mad Max: Fury Road. Did you like it? Want to watch the original Mad Max movie from 1979 with Mel Gibson in the role as Max? You can watch it for free on Vudu right away.

Can I watch the free Vudu movies outside the USA?

Would you like to watch the free Vudu movies outside the USA? In principle it is impossible, but there are ways in which you can get access to Vudu outside the US. We have written an article on how it can be done, so if you want to watch Vudu from abroad just click the link and read the article.

If you are located in the USA all you need is to create a user on and you are ready to watch right away!

What do you think? Can Vudu Movies On Us help them get more users? Have you taken a look at the movies available for free on Vudu? Any movie you plan on watching there in the near future?

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