NordVPN discounts during their Cyber Security Awareness month

October is what NordVPN call their Cyber Security Awareness month. Because of this they are selling their VPN packages way cheaper than they normally would, so visit the NordVPN website to get your hands on their VPN services right away.

We wrote our NordVPN review not long ago and if you have not read it yet, that is recommended reading for everyone. In addition to write a NordVPN review we also presented the best VPN blogs on the Internet. In that article we gave NordVPN a second place as their VPN blog is among the very best on the market. It is full with interesting articles, useful advises and news related posts.

NordVPN discount available now

If you take a look at the picture beneath you will see the discounts at the NordVPN website.

These are the normal prices for the VPN services of NordVPN

But, during their Cyber Security month they will in fact give you a 70% discount on their annual package as you sing up. For this to work you will need to choose the 12 month package and then as you sign out you need to add the following discount code: “CyberAware.” Once you type in your code you will be entitled for the giant discount and you can use NordVPN for the coming 12 months for almost nothing!


You can visit the NordVPN website by clicking the button above. And make sure to check out their blog as you visit the NordVPN website as well, after all they have one of the best blogs on the VPN market.

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