How to watch New York Rangers vs Los Angeles Kings online?

If you are a fan of NHL and icehockey, you for sure know that it is looking like Los Angeles Kings are going to win the competition this years. After two games they have two victories, so a lot is at stake as they will play in not long.

But, in hockey anything can happen, and there are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who want to watch tonight’s match between New York Rangers and Los Angeles online. And if you want to watch it online, this is what you should and could do.

Watch Rangers vs Kings online

New York Rangers – Los Angeles Kings online

To watch the match on the official Canadian TV channel CBC you will need a Canadian IP address. The best way of getting such an IP address is by signing up to IPVanish, a VPN provider with great product and high speed servers in Canada. As soon as you connect to one of their servers you will get a Canadian IP address, which again will make it possible for you to watch the live stream from the Rangers – Kings match. IPVanish

As you have your subscription ready and you have connected to a Canadian server you should restart your Internet browser, and then you can visit the CBC live stream from the match tonight, and you are ready to watch and enjoy the match. And who knows, maybe Zuccharello and the rest of New York Rangers will get closer to a final victory tonight by getting their first victory (of four needed)?

CBC live stream

[stextbox id=”info”]If you sign up for this, know that you can use the same subscription to watch World Cup 2014 live online as well![/stextbox]

Watch Rangers vs Kings without NBC subscription

In the USA NBC will broadcast the final between Rangers and Kings, both on TV and online, but to watch it online you need a username and password for the NBC Sports live stream, which is only available to those with a cable package with NBC included. So, if you do not have a NBC package, and thus a valid username and password, use the same strategy as described here to watch the Stanley Cup final on CBC in Canada online instead.


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