HideMyAss with FIFA Kick-Off Discount

HideMyAss, the biggest of all VPN providers, with servers in more than 70 nations just got ready for the FIFA World Cup.

They have been preparing this for a long time, because they just got a new website design, and they also released a very nice summer and World Cup discount, which makes purchasing a subscription even cheaper. The price for a one month subscription got lowered from 12 USD to 10 USD, and especially with the 12 month subscription they have altered the prices, making the price of such a subscription currently only 60 USD, which is 20 USD cheaper than their normal prices.

HideMyAss summer discount
Special HideMyAss discount for the FIFA World Cup

So if you want to watch the World Cup online and need to get an IP address in another nation to do so, or if you simply want to protect your online activity and make sure than none steals your passwords and confidential information, now is the time to visit the HideMyAss website and to sign up for their services.

And in less than 12 hours it is time for the opening match of the World Cup between Croatia and Brazil, and even though that will be cool, what we really look forward to is the match between Spain and the Netherlands on Friday and the England vs Italy match on Saturday.

Enjoy the World Cup and enjoy the HideMyAss summer discount!

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