Watch Viswanathan Anand vs Magnus Carlsen in Sochi live online

The Chess World Cup arranged in Sochi in 2014 is soon about to start. The first match will be played on November 8th and the championship can last all the way until November 28th. If you want to watch the matches online, read on!

Carlsen vs ViswanathanThe Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is a 23 year old boy, but even though he is young, he is ranked as the best chess player in the world. The opponent is Viswanathan Anand and he is 44 years old and currently ranked as the 6th best chess player in the world. What makes it very interesting is that exactly one year ago the two played against one another in the final of the World Championship in chess arranged in India between November 9th and November 22nd. Magnus Carlsen won then, but who will win in 2014?

This year the World Championship is arranged in Sochi in Russia (like everything else, for example the Winter Olympics and one of the Formula 1 Grand Prix races). If you want to watch these matches live online that can easily be done, and one of the best ways is by watching it on Norwegian TV, on NRK. If you visit the following site you will get to the NRK main chess site, and there you can see live streams from all the matches between Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen online.

If you have any problems or you are not allowed to watch the streams, it is because you need a Norwegian IP address to be able to watch NRK from abroad. Luckily you can easily get such an IP address using a VPN provider, and if that is you, we recommend that you use the VPN provider HideMyAss for the purpose of getting an IP address in Norway.

Enjoy watching the World Chess Championship 2014 live from Sochi, and may the best player win!

Good news!

They do not use a geo-block on the broadcast from the World Chess Championship, meaning that you can watch it for free on without using a VPN or anything!

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