Does watching the World Cup with a VPN work?

VPN and FIFA World CupAll across the WWW you can find articles dealing with how to watch the World Cup online. We have an article written here as well on the same subject, and we have also been working with a site dedicated to the World Cup at Lots of sites mention a VPN as a solution and a method that can be used for people to watch the World Cup online. But, does it really work?

First of all, a VPN was not originally created as a mean to watch content and media streams online. It is a way of securing your Internet connection, making sure that you private data and confidential information stays the way they are supposed to be, private and secure. This is happening as you connect to a VPN server, because your transmitted data will be encrypted and made unavailable to snoopers in your environment and online. Once connected to a VPN server you will receive a new online address, a new IP address from that server, meaning that you online activity will seem to origin from that server. If you are located in Germany, but connecting to a server in the United Kingdom, you will get a UK IP address, which again means that your movements online will seem to origin from the UK. And because of this function, many people use VPN connections to bypass regulations and Internet blocks, for examples geo-blocks making certain live streams, such as the FIFA World Cup streams, only available to viewers of a TV station in that given nation.

Does it work to watch FIFA World Cup with a VPN?

Yesterday we tried to watch live stream from the World Cup on Hungarian television online. This was using high speed normal Internet connection, and no VPN at all. It was laggy and totally unenjoyable. Afterwards to used IPVanish to get an IP address in the UK and then we watched England vs Uruguay on ITV in the UK with a UK IP address provided by IPVanish, and we got high quality and could totally enjoy the match. In this case it really did work, and in fact much better than without a VPN connection. You should though not believe that a VPN will speed up your Internet, because it normally don’t, but using a VPN still works, and you have big freedom as to where and on what channel and in what country you want to watch the World Cup online. And, if one site should turn out to be slow, get an IP in another nation using the same VPN subscription, and watch the match there instead.

The answer is therefore, yes it works! You might experience some lag and slow speeds, but in general it works very well, and much better than spammy websites offering “free live streams”, but in the end they are totally impossible to enjoy, low quality, annoying and you can not trust them at all.

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