HideMyAss with a new major server update

HideMyAss keeps rolling out their new servers and in the last month they have added more than 2500 new IP addresses to their VPN services and they have added servers in four new locations.

It is worth noticing that four new locations does not mean four new nations. So, no new nations have been added this time, but the new locations of the servers are:

  • Brasil, Sao Paulo (128 IPs) (New Location)
  • Spain, Alicante (252 IPs) (New Location)
  • USA, Louisiana, New Orleans (Loc 1 Servers 1-2) (248 IPs) (New Location)
  • USA, Alabama, Montgomery (Loc 1 Servers 1-2) (248 IPs) (New Location)

In addition to these HideMyAss have also upgraded their servers in for example the Netherlands and in Hungary, meaning that people in need of a Dutch IP address or maybe a Hungarian IP address can get better speeds and availability in the future.

Here you can see a list of the other updates that have been made.

  • Netherlands, Amsterdam (Loc 2 Servers 7-9) (381 IPs)
  • Sweden, Stockholm, Nacka (Loc 1 Server 13) (128 IPs)
  • USA, California, Los Angeles (Loc 3 Server 1-3) (747 IPs)
  • Hungary, Budapest (Loc 1 Server 2) (128 IPs)
  • USA, Massachusetts, Boston (Loc 1 Servers 3-4) (251 IPs)

If you want to know more about HideMyAss, read our HideMyAss review, and if you are busy watching the World Cup, then just turn of your computer and watch the amazing matches instead. As you can see they have also added a new server in Brazil, so if you are in Brazil and in need of a VPN service/provider, then this will for sure make HideMyAss one of the best options available.

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