We have tested the HideMyAss download speeds in 2020!

HideMyAss has servers in more than 190 nations and they are one of the leading VPN providers on the market. But, what are their download speeds like? Do you need to hide your ass in shame if you recommend this provider, or are the HideMyAss download speeds something you can brag about? We have tested several HideMyAss servers, and here you have the results!

HideMyAss was one of our favorite VPN providers for years. But, then they somehow got boring, and they didn’t work as well for a long time. So, as we sat down to make this speed test, we didn’t have high expectations to what this British VPN provider would provide. However, we were surprised by the speed of the first server we tested under the test, and then they kept on surprising. But, does that make HideMyAss a VPN provider worth using in 2020? That is a great question. If security and download speeds are everything that matters, the answer might be yes. But, if you are looking for a VPN provider that will unblock as many websites as possible, you should probably go looking somewhere else instead.

HideMyAss Speed test results

Here you can see the servers we connected to and the download speeds we got. It is important to know that our initial download speed before connecting to any of the servers was 334 Mbps.

CountryDownload speed
Spain126 Mbps
Brazil103 Mbps
Hungary (Lightning server)21,20 Mbps
USA (via Germany)126 Mbps
USA (California)140 Mbps
India121 Mbps
Australia57 Mbps
Norway121 Mbps

If you check out the results, you can see that the average speed was above 100 Mbps. That is quite an amazing result, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend HideMyAss based on these download speeds.

It was quite funny that the slowest server was the so-called “lightning server.” This is a server the application picks based on location and speed, so this should really have been the fastest of them all. Instead, it turned into the slowest of them all.

But, all the speeds received were more than good enough to stream movies and download larger files without causing too much delay on your connection.


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A recording of the HideMyAss speed test

Would you like to see how the actual speed test was made? Check the following YouTube video to find out.

What to consider before purchasing a HideMyAss subscription?

The download speeds are great, the prices are okay… but the question is really what you want to get from your VPN provider. If safety, security, and encryption is what you long for, then HideMyAss is amazing. The VPN application is neat and nice to use, and even your grandmother could fix this.

However, if your goal is to unblock streaming sites and services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are VPN providers much more suitable for such activities. You can read more about the best VPN providers for Amazon Prime and the best VPN providers for Netflix in the linked articles.

You should remember that HideMyAss has servers in more than 190 nations. As a result, there are certain countries in which the only VPN provider available with servers in HideMyAss. They also have a large register of servers in the popular countries, and as you could see with the download speeds, they have lots of capacity for new customers with high demands.

Now it is time for you to make up your mind. Feel free to share your decision by writing a comment beneath. If you need further advice or have a question, just write a comment and we will do our best to answer as quickly as possible!

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