We have updated our PureVPN review

Like with HideMyAss PureVPN has also gone through a lot of changes in 2015 and that is why there are some big changes that needed to be added to our PureVPN review to make sure that it is up to date also in 2016.

You can find our updated PureVPN review as of 2016 by clicking on the link.

So which are the most important changes that have taken place to PureVPN?

There is one change that is so new that you can not even see it on the website yet, but they have probably due to the big demand and lots of complaints made a change to their refund policy. Earlier they had a 3 day full refund policy valid if you had used less than 500MB of bandwidth. Luckily they changed this, meaning that they now have a 7 day full refund policy valid if you have used less than 2GB of bandwidth.

In addition they have really invaded new territories in 2015. As we wrote our review in the start of 2015 they were present in a bit more than 80 nations and by the start of 2016 PureVPN can now be found in more than 140 nations.

These might be the biggest changes to PureVPN. They are still a heavily debated VPN provider, but based on our tests they are absolutely a VPN provider to put into consideration as you want to get yourself a VPN subscription.

Go ahead and read our full PureVPN 2016 review and make your decision afterwards.

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