What are the Town Star nodes all about? Should I buy a Town Star node?

Gala Games is a fantastic project for online gaming powered by blockchain technology, using the Gala token and also operating with dedicated tokens for the different games (like the $TOWN token for the game Town Star) and also with NFTs giving additional features and fun to the games. But, what are the Town Star nodes all about? What is the difference between the Town Star nodes and the founders’ nodes? Is it worth getting a Town Star node?

Town Star is the name of the game that has been the most successful and popular game on the Gala Games platform so far. The game has its own token and you can currently trade the token on OKEx.

Due to the popularity of the game Town Star, Gala Games has decided to operate with nodes dedicated to the Town Star game. In the first round, 600 nodes were available, but they were all sold in a matter of minutes. People are crazy about these nodes, simply because the same people already have founders nodes which are giving them a steady income, especially with the recent increase in the price of the Gala token.

New Town Star nodes will be made available on January 12th in 2022. The interest is gigantic, so you better pay attention and be ready if you want to be able to grab one!

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What are the Town Star nodes all about?

The official explanation, also mentioned the difference between the Town Star nodes and the Founders nodes, says the following:

They will allow gamers in our network to share a portion of the Town Star workload, giving them an opportunity to earn TOWN rewards. They are designed to work in unison with and addition to Founder’s Nodes, and in no way compete with them or detract from them.

The most important thing to note about Town Star Nodes (and all future Game Specific Nodes) is that they in no way reduce the importance of, or hinder rewards from Founder’s Nodes.

In other words, the Town Star nodes are there to strengthen the platform of the game itself, and the need for new nodes will grow together with the increased use of the game itself. Even though the first batch of nodes was sold out immediately, there will be new chances to create nodes in the future as even more users will start building their towns in this popular blockchain game.

How will Town Star node owners receive their payment?

If you own a founders node, you receive payment in Gala tokens, plus the tokens of the different games on a daily basis. If you own a Town Star node your payment will come daily in TOWN tokens, and that is it. However, you will receive a decent portion of tokens, meaning that it is absolutely an interesting thought for investing.

The payout comes on a daily basis to your Gala Games account in the form of TOWN tokens.

What is the difference between a Gala Node (Founders Node) and a Town Star node?

This is very easy. The Gala node (Founders node) is in support of the entire ecosystem, while the Town Star nodes are only supporting the actual life of the game Town Star.

What makes a Town Star node decentralized?

This is a really interesting question that Gala Games answered in a recent Medium post. What is the thing? Since there are nodes hosted all around the world by hundreds of users, you will quickly realize that the game will be more stable as the data is stored on servers worldwide, and not just one centralized server. You can read the full answer below.

“By running a Town Star node, you will be hosting Town Star content for anyone in the world to access. This means instead of there being only a few centralized servers hosting this content, operated by Gala Games, there will be hundreds or thousands of servers hosting this content. This means the work is shared across all of these servers, and it means that there are multiple copies of the data held by multiple parties — decentralized data!”

Should I buy a Town Star node?

I don’t want to answer that question, but personally, I will do my best to at least get one Gala Games node, if I get the chance before the next batch is sold out. Until then, you can also read more about how to create a Gala Games node (Founders node) by clicking the link. Would you like to find out more about how much you can actually earn with a Founders node at the moment? Click the link to find out.

Have you created a Town Star node? Do you have any questions?

Have you created a Town Star node? Are you satisfied so far? Do you have any experience that you would like to share? Or do you have any other general questions or information about the Town Star nodes from Gala Games? Use the comment field below and let us all hear about it!

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