A good week for HectorFinance, FantOhm, [REDACTED], Invictus, OlympusDAO, and Gyro -> The battle of the rebase tokens (January 27-February 2)

The period between January 13th and January 27th was quite catastrophic for all the rebase tokens, and to be honest since we started our experiment on December 8th, it has been a rollercoaster heading downwards (most of the time). We have seen lots of changes along the way, and just a few days ago, PapaDAO decided to stop the project and send out all the value from the treasury to the token holders. As a result, our PapaDAO investment that initially was $1000 turned into $484. However, that is way more than what we would have received cashing out any of our other investments (with the exception of HectorDAO), so it wasn’t really that bad!

So, we have said goodbye to PapaDAO. Another project that might end up doing something similar is FortressDAO which has just created a vote in which token holders can vote about the future of the project (should they continue or not). If they decide to halt the protocol, the treasury funds will be used to buy back the FORT tokens from the holders.

What else has happened in the last seven days? The biggest event was for sure the Wonderland drama in which Daniele Sesta told the community that he knew that Sifu (one of the leaders of the project) has a criminal background for which he hasn’t been to trial or anything, and this led to a further price decline. Right now, nobody really knows what will happen with Wonderland, and this is a mess nobody would have imagined one month ago. They have even had a vote about whether to dissolve the protocol or not, but it was voted for keeping it (54% of the token power voted for this option).

No matter what, Wonderland has suffered greatly, and that can be seen looking at the results for the different protocols taking part in our experiment and the price movements the last seven days.

The best performing rebase tokens the last seven days

If you look at the chart below, you will quickly see that this has been a better week and the best performer has been FantOhm. They have actually had an 80% value increase since last Wednesday. This has been caused by several things, but most importantly, when we recorded the results last week, FantOhm was in a big dump, and we just caught the bottom. Since then, the price has jumped up more than 50% and with their staggering APY still above 200,000%, this caused the total value to increase by 80% in the last seven days. It should be mentioned that we are still down 38% compared to our initial investment, but this is still making it a well-performing investment compared to the others right now. But, can FantOhm keep it up like this? All the other protocols that have had such high APYs have all ended up in despair, so it will be interesting to follow FantOHM in the coming weeks and months!

rebase token results in the last seven days
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The second-best performer was HectorFinance (formerly HectorDAO). They have made lots of changes recently, and most importantly, they have lowered the APY to somewhere around 200% (at the moment). They will experiment with APY levels between 200% and 1500% and try to find a level that will be good for investors and the protocol itself. They have also launched HectorBank, and the stable coin TOR is also in a beta-phase.

[REDACTED], Invictus, Gyro, and OlympusDAO also ended with a positive percentage in the last seven days. It was interesting to see that during the fall of Wonderland, HectorFinance fell along (but it has gained strength since then), but OlympusDAO remained steady in the midst of it all. Will OlympusDAO turn into a safe haven among the rebase-tokens?

The biggest losers in the last seven days were Exodia and Wonderland, followed by Euphoria (WAGMI) and Spartacus.

The best performing tokens since the start of the experiment

As you can see, six tokens ended with a positive percentage the last seven days. But, how does it all look if we compare it to our initial investment? Below you can see a graph showing the results of the different protocols included in our experiment.

since initial investment

Above you can see the original investments in the different protocols and the current value of the investment. If you want to see the same stats in percent, take a look at our main page for the rebase-token experiment where you will find even more graphs, stats, and information.

Do you have any thoughts about the results from the last seven days? Which protocols do you believe will be the best performing in the coming week? Write a comment and let us hear from you!

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