What will happen to Baby-Yoda?

I just watched the seventh episode of The Mandalorian season 1, and the question on my mind is “what will happen to Baby-Yoda now? I don’t feel worried, after all, The Mandalorian is our super-hero and he will for sure fix this as well. But, how will it happen? And why are the bad guys so interested in baby Yoda? What do they want to get from the baby? And is baby-Yoda a baby at all, or is it an old created that just looks like a baby?

The Reckoning was the title of the seventh episode of The Mandalorian season 1. I read somewhere that it was the best episode of the season so far, so I really looked forward to watching it. It was of great joy to me as I discovered that they brought back several of the characters from earlier in the season, including the old guy who helped the Mandalorian in the first two episodes, and also Gina Carano who played the tough girl in the episode named Sanctuary. And yes, she will for sure be there in the final episode as well.

But, what happened in The Reckoning?

The Mandalorian is out traveling when he receives a message to bring baby-Yoda back to the ones who originally wanted to catch him (from whom he afterward stole baby-Yoda back). As he brings the baby back, he can kill the imperials and become at peace with the guild once again. He knows he is in trouble because of all the bounty-hunters looking for him and the baby, so he decides to give it a try. He teams up with the old-guy and Gina Carano before he returns to Navarro.

We see different things happen, among others, baby-Yoda heals the guild leader. But, as they are stopped by the imperials, trouble is coming. The imperials understand that baby-Yoda is somewhere else and hunts down the old guy guarding the baby. In the end, it seems as if they managed to catch baby-Yoda, something that should mean that it is game over also for The Mandalorian. But, I have a bright view of the future, but I look very much forward to stream the final episode of season 1 in a few days from now on Disney+ to see what will happen.

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What are your expectations for the final episode of The Mandalorian?

I cannot wait to stream the final episode. I almost look more forward to it than I do to Christmas itself!

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