Win a 10 USD eBay Gift Card!

Would you like to win an eBay gift card worth 10 USD? We are now having a little hand-out on Steemit, meaning that you better head over to Steemit to read the instructions right there.

But, let me tell you – it isn’t hard to join the lottery, and since I don’t believe many people will actually join in the battle for the 10 USD eBay Gift Card, I would say that you actually have a very fair chance of winning it if you join in the competition.

Do you want to win a 10 USD Gift Card?
Do you want to win a 10 USD Gift Card?

Often when you read about such chances you are met by a giant wall of requirements afterward. That is not the case with our eBay gift card handout. It is really easy to win, and all you need to do is to follow us on Steemit and to write a comment to the post we have written. If you write – I want to win, or something else – that is more than enough, and you will be added to our lottery and the winner will be published on Monday, April 15th.

  • Check the full competition and join in right here on Steemit

Thank you for joining in, and maybe you will be the lucky winner? Who knows?!

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