Changpeng Zhao mentions PureVPN in recent tweet!

It is getting more and more normal, even expected, to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method for online services. You can purchase Microsoft products and products from lots of other companies using cryptocurrencies, but some of the earliest adapters of crypto-payments in the online business world were the VPN providers. That is no coincidence!

Most people use a VPN simply to bypass some geo-blocks and to get access to Netflix regions in which they discover some interesting content. But, there is another aspect when it comes to VPN services, and that is the privacy aspect. There are lots of people who use VPN services to stay safe online, to access blocked social media sites, and in order to be safe online without having your government or ISP sniffing up your back. But, if you are really serious about security, then you are also interested in being able to purchase the actual VPN subscription without letting anyone know that it was you who actually bought the subscription. That is logical, isn’t it?

PureVPN discount with Binance coin
PureVPN discount with Binance coin

If you have some big-time hackers coming after you, then it will be a great deal of help to them if they notice that you just purchased a NordVPN subscription online using PayPal or your VISA-card. But, what if they cannot even track your purchase? Maybe they do not even know that you have bought anything at all? With cryptocurrencies you can actually purchase products and paying for them without having anyone know that it was actually you who did the purchase.

There are differences between the cryptocurrencies, and some of them might be easier to track than others, but still – it is a much safer way to buy products online if you want to hide your identity, not only to hackers and snoopers, but also to the actual VPN company from whom you buy the product.

And that is why VPN providers quickly adopted cryptopayments on their sites, and as a consequence, they have accepted payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a long time.

What about Changpeng Zhao (Binance CEO) and PureVPN?

Maybe you thought it was a click-bait title, but it wasn’t. Recently, the Binance CEO, often referred to as CZ Binance, tweeted about PureVPN. The reason was that PureVPN just implemented the Binance Coin (BNB) as one of their payment methods, and they also said that if anyone purcahse PureVPN with the BNB-token they will get a 10% discount (of the original Dollar price).

I find this to be very cool, and not only do I like how PureVPN accepts more and more cryptocurrencies, but also the fact that the Binance CEO shares the news happily with all his followers.

Should I spend my BNB tokens on PureVPN?

This is just a personal opinion, but I always feel sorry to use my cryptos on buying actual products. I guess there is a fear that in a couple of weeks the purchase I did right now (which was worth 10 USD), will be worth 20 USD as the token increases its price, and thus I will say “I wish I had just paid with my normal payment card.” But, that is only valid if privacy isn’t an issue. But, if you want to stay safe and encrypted online, then you probably don’t mind using your cryptos paying for a VPN, and if you are afraid of the price increase, simply spend the same amount of buying more of the same token. That will make you able to join in on the crypto-volatility-rollercoaster with the rest of us afterward.

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