Get a free PureVPN account right now!

PureVPN is out there bombarding its visitors with great offers! I know they have been a heavily debated VPN provider for many years, but that period is over now, and they are one of the best VPN providers on the market. But, what is the free PureVPN account about?

I do not try to bring lots of readers to this article by using a click-bait title. It is true, you can actually get a free PureVPN account right now, until the end of April 2019. But, what is the offer all about?

How to get the free PureVPN account?

To get the free PureVPN account, you first need to visit their website. Click the button beneath to visit their websites and to grab a fantastic deal. A good advice is to visit the website, then forget about it for a minute (but, stay on the site). As you do so, you will soon get a pop-up showing how you can get a 3-year subscription for the price of a 2-year subscription. It is a brilliant way to save money and to get your hands on a very good PureVPN subscription at a very low cost.

But, what is the free PureVPN account about? Take a look at the picture beneath, which you probably recognize from your recent visit to the PureVPN website.

Get a free month of PureVPN with a bonus account
Get a free month of PureVPN with a bonus account

What is the point with this?

  • When you purchase an actual VPN subscription, you will be entitled to a bonus account for free, valid for one-month.
  • This is a part of the PureVPN Buy 1 – Get 1 package. In other words, if you purchase a VPN subscription, you will automatically be able to invite a friend or an enemy to PureVPN from your control panel, and that person will be entitled for one month of free PureVPN usage with their very own account.

Now it is worth knowing that you can use a PureVPN subscription at five devices at the same time, so you could also share your present subscription with your friend. But, if you do not want to share your credentials or maybe you want to have the chance of using your subscription at five devices on your own, then this is a brilliant chance of giving this as a gift to someone you like.

Do not forget, the one-month package has a value of 11 USD, meaning that it actually is a very nice gift to give someone. Maybe it could be a birthday present for your friend, and at the same time a nice present to yourself?

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Do not forget that PureVPN is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market with servers in almost 100 different nations. Their VPN client is super-easy to use, and they make it very simple to unblock streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Hotstar, SonyLIV, and lots of other services.

Have you used PureVPN? Are you satisfied with their VPN speeds, their VPN clients, customer service and more? Write a comment or a question if you have anything on your heart!

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