Wonderland was the biggest gainer last week (15%), followed by MagnetDAO (8%) and KlimaDAO (6%). The biggest loser was FantOhm (-19%). Bye bye to SpartacusDAO!

We are running our rebase token project still and even though it can be quite depressing when really looking at the numbers, we are still quite curious to see the new numbers every single week, hoping that reversal is happening and that they can start to really grow in value once again.

The last week has been troublesome for most tokens in the cryptoworld, and even the giants such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have dropped more than 10% in value in the last seven days. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then to see that many of the rebase tokens have been struggling. In fact, they have actually done surprisingly well, seeing that each and every token actually performed better than Ethereum and Bitcoin, with the exception of FantOhm.

last week results

As you can see above, Wonderland had the biggest gains in the last seven days, followed by MagnetDAO, and KlimaDAO. It is interesting to follow Wonderland right now as Daniele Sesta has taken over the control again and he is actually trying to build and strengthen the protocol. Is there hope for the protocol? Can and will it survive? It is still operating with an APY of more than 70,000%.

Coming behind Wonderland we find MagnetDAO with value growth of 8%. People are here waiting for some news on how MagnetDAO holders will be rewarded by VectorFinance, another product that is a great success, created by the developers of MagnetDAO.

KlimaDAO claims to have some great stuff coming up, and that is sorely needed because this is a protocol with great potential, but most early investors are still in minus with nearly 90%.

On the list of losers, FantOhm is the “biggest” loser, followed by Exodia and HectorFinance.

Important to SpartacusDAO investors

If you are holding SPA tokens, make sure to redeem them right now. They have only given a six-day period for the redemption to be possible. After that, the protocol will launch over, but with a different name and most things will be different.


Thank you for reading, and make sure to come back next week for more updates and numbers from our rebase token experiment!

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