Wonderland was the biggest gainer last week (15%), followed by MagnetDAO (8%) and KlimaDAO (6%). The biggest loser was FantOhm (-19%). Bye bye to SpartacusDAO!

We are running our rebase token project still and even though it can be quite depressing when really looking at the numbers, we are still quite curious to see the new numbers every single week, hoping that reversal is happening and that they can start to really grow in value once again. The last week Read More

MagnetDAO, Spartacus, and REDACTED with 25% value growth in the last seven days! (Rebase-token experiment report between March 30th and April 6th)

We have had some quite positive weeks recently with growth in value for most of the rebase tokens. This week the trend is continuing, and even though HectorFinance (-3%) and OlympusDAO (-7%) produced negative numbers in the last seven days, we still consider this to be consolidating while still being a part of an upward Read More

The fall of the big -> Rebase-token battle results (January 12-January 19)

What a week we have seen. It all seemed quite good at first, but then it just turned red, and we have decided to call it the fall of the big. What does that mean? The big and the solid rebase tokens are actually the ones experiencing the biggest losses in this last week, something Read More

The fourth week of the OlympusDAO fork investment/experiment

The fourth week has caused big changes in the list of forks involved in the OlympusDAO fork experiment. Last week we removed Snowbank from the list (and replaced it with OlympusDAO), and this week, two more projects have been removed from the list, TaiChi and Jade Protocol. The first (TaiChi) was rugged completely, while Jade Read More

TIME vs. OHM vs. HEC vs. BTRFLY vs. GYRO vs. SPA vs. KLIMA vs. WAGMI vs. FHM vs. MAG – Which is the best project? Where to invest? Background information and a real-time experiment!

There are so many OlympusDAO forks available. Many of them are legitimate, while other forks are scams. In this article, I have tried to gather eleven OlympusDAO forks that seem to be legit with an actual group of developers working on the platform. There are, of course, no guarantees of anything, but in this article, Read More