X-Files season 10 is upon us – Watch it online!

The tenth season of X-Files has just landed upon us and Dana Scully and Fox Mulder has returned to discover and to investigate all the strange cases taking place here on this planet. The tenth season has so far received fairly good critics, but it does not really matter if it receives good or bad critics if you like it and if you want to watch it.Dana Scully and Fox Mulder on X-Files

You can see the latest episodes of X-Files season 10 on Fox.com, so only a few hours after it has been aired on TV in the USA the new episodes are made available on Fox.com and thus you can watch them for free online on the Fox website. If you are located outside the USA you will however get an error message instead telling you that you can not stream Fox from outside the United States. So, what can you do if you want to watch Dana Scully and Fox Mulder investigate on Fox.com?

First of all you can read our former article which we published a few years ago on how you can watch Fox from abroad. That is the basic article and if you read that and follow the instructions in that article you will be able to watch X-Files on Fox within a few minutes.

If you do not want to read another article, but just find the solution right here instead, then you simply get yourself an American IP address using PureVPN, and you will be ready to go and you will get rid of the error message on Fox.com at once.PureVPN

We have never considered this before, but isn’t it cool that a Fox TV series has a hero named Fox in the main role? Now he is normally named Mulder throughout the entire TV series, but still, he is a little Fox after all!

Have fun watching!

New Jack Bauer coming to town!

And while writing about Fox rumors are also spreading that a new season of 24 might be released in the start of 2017. Currently they have started making a test episode for something that will be called 24: Legacy. The sad part is that Kiefer Sutherland will not return in the role of Jack Bauer, but instead Corey Hawkins from The Walking Dead will become the new super hero that will save the world in less than 24 hours!

They are currently producing the first episode and if Fox like what they see the production can go on and we can expect 24: Legacy to arrive early in 2017 probably!

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