PureVPN and their Refund Policy

It almost feels like Christmas when we write this, because finally PureVPN has made some changes to their much debated and hated refund policy. Until recently they had a mixture of a 3 day and a 7 day full refund policy, valid if you had used less than 500 MB of bandwidth and/or had less than 30 connections made.

This was, to be honest, a terrible refund policy, because to actually try their services and see if it works with for example Netflix, you would easily use more than 500 MB of bandwidth, and once that happened, you had no rights to get a refund. This of course led to complaints to their policy and with the product itself, and probably as an answer to this PureVPN just updated their entire refund policy. This is what the new refund policy from PureVPN looks like.

PureVPN refund policy (as of January 18th, 2016)

  • You need to file your complaint within seven days after your order.
  • You must not have used a total bandwidth of more than 3 GB (this means a total usage including downloads and uploads most not exceed 3 GB).
  • You will not be entitled to refund if you have exceeded more than 100 sessions (connections) with PureVPN.
PureVPN Refund Policy
Here you can see the new PureVPN refund policy as of January 18th, 2016

We have just to be curious recently actually created a PureVPN account only for the purpose of cancelling it, and to check whether we would actually get our refund or not. So, how did it go?

PureVPN as a service work very hard to keep you as a customer, and that is why you will not get your refund after one email, but they will do their uttermost to help you with your problem which causes you to want to leave them. But, if you just tell them that you just want your refund in one or two more emails, then you will get it, just like we did!


Read more about PureVPN in our PureVPN review or if you want to visit their website you can click the PureVPN button above.


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