An IPVanish VPN Speed test

Earlier this week, we have published an ExpressVPN speed test, an HideMyAss speed test, and also a NordVPN speed test. Today it is time to publish our IPVanish speed test.

IPVanish has been one of our favorite VPN providers for a long time. They have servers all across the world, and they have worked well. But, are they still on the top of the game? Is IPVanish a VPN provider worth paying for if you want to have a top-notch VPN provider with great speeds?

IPvanish Speed Test
Check the results of our IPVanish Speed Test

We could compare IPVanish to the three mentioned providers, but first, let us go ahead and look at the IPVanish speed test results.

IPVanish Speed Test results

Would you like to watch the video which shows how we made the speed test, and also all the results? Check the video beneath.

IPVanish Speed Test – watch how we did it and see the results!

If you do not want to watch the video, here are the results.

Our basic download speed before using IPVanish was around 500 Mbps.

  • Connecting to a server in the USA we got 33 Mbps download speed.
  • The first server in Spain gave us a 0,1 Mbps, while the second server gave us 180 Mbps (probably something went wrong during the first test).
  • Connecting to server in Australia (far way), gave us a download speed of around 10 Mbps.
  • The server we tested in England gave us a download speed of 164 Mbps.
  • The last server tested was a Sweden server which gave us a download speed of 240 Mbps.

As you can see from these results, IPVanish for sure delivers when it comes to download speeds using their VPN services. This also means that they are getting better, because a few years ago, the results would have been much slower!

It might be that something went wrong as we connected to the first server in Spain, but the second test of a different server in Spain gave us way better speeds, so no need to worry about that.

Considering the fact that the servers nearest to our current location (the servers in Sweden and England) gave us download speeds way above 100 Mbps is absolutely delightful!

IPVanish compared to other VPN providers

You can read more about our other speed tests right here. If we compare IPVanish to provider like HideMyAss, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN, we would say that there aren’t that big differences. It might be that ExpressVPN was a bit faster with some of their servers, and sometimes NordVPN gave better results, and then IPVanish gave better results… In other words, these all work beautifully well, and for most people it is more than enough if they have download speeds of more than 20 Mbps, meaning that all these providers function perfectly.

Would you like to know more about IPVanish? Read our IPVanish review, or go ahead and visit the IPVanish website right away.

Have you tested IPVanish yourself? What was your experience like with their VPN servers and their product? Were you satisfied? We would love to hear your thoughts and your experience.

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