A NordVPN Speed test

How fast are the NordVPN servers? Will a NordVPN connection slow your Internet connection down a whole lot?

A few years ago, we could often experience how a 30 Mbps connection would be reduced to 1 or 2 Mbps connection after connecting to a VPN server somewhere. Have things gotten better with the years? Are all VPN providers still slowing your Internet connection down, or have they gotten better and more user friendly?

A nordVpn Speed test
See the results of our NordVPN Speed Test as of December 2018

We have done this NordVPN speed test in December 2018. We connected to several of their servers and ran speed tests to check whether or not our Internet connection was slowed down. It is important to notice that we first checked our basic download speed, which could later be used to compare to the speed before and after connecting to a NordVPN server.

Our NordVPN speed test

Beneath you can see our video was recorded as we did the live test. You can see all the results as they show up. If you like videos such as this one, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for similar videos and other VPN related content in the future.

The basics of the test were that we had a download speed of about 400 Mbps. 

  • Connecting to a server in Austria we got a download speed of around 180 Mbps.
  • Connecting to a server in Belgium we got a download speed of around 170 Mbps.
  • In the USA we had download speed around 65 Mbps.
  • In the UK we had download speed around 120 Mbps.
  • In Sweden, we got a download speed near 105 Mbps.
  • Using the Double VPN option (the Netherlands and in the UK), we got a download speed of around 25 Mbps.

These are the short results of the tests. If you want to see it live, take a look at the short video above.

Would you like to know more about NordVPN? Click the link above to visit our NordVPN review, or visit the NordVPN website by clicking the button beneath.


Have you used NordVPN yourself? Were you satisfied with their speeds and the product in general? I would love to hear your thoughts and to read more about your experience with the VPN provider.

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