A test of the HideMyAss VPN download speeds

HideMyAss is the VPN provider with servers in most countries in the world. Currently they are present in more than 190 nations. But, what are their download speeds like? We have given HideMyAss a test!

We have moved the HideMyAss speed tests to the following article!

HideMyAss has servers in more than 190 nation, and they have a total of almost 1000 servers. For that reason, we did not have the chance to connect to all their servers and give them a try, but we have done some testing here and there to check their download speeds. We also checked the upload speeds during the test, but they are normally not as important to most people, so the focus is on the download speeds.

HideMyAss download speeds
What are the HideMyAss download speeds like? Keep on reading to find out!

HideMyAss Speed Test

Would you like to see what the test was like? Take a look at the YouTube video beneath, or continue reading beneath it to see the conclusion of the test and some speed test examples.

The basis of the test was a download speed of 500 Mbps by default. When you have such download speed by default, you can be sure that it will be a big decrease in speed as you connect to a VPN server. But, what will the difference be like? Are the VPN servers so slow that it will destroy the streaming experience you would like to enjoy?

Are these good results for HideMyAss?

We did expect big drops in the download speed compared to the initial speed. But, with the download speeds given by the servers we connected to, you are still fully capable of surfing the net without lagging, you can stream HD quality movies online, and you can easily download large files quickly.

We are therefore very positively surprised by these download speeds, and we must say that this should be counted as a good product from HideMyAss.

If you want to visit the HideMyAss website, click the button beneath.

Have you got any speed experience with HideMyAss that you would like to share? Please write a comment and let us know about it!

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