An update to our ExpressVPN review

Once an article is written, it can often be hard to make sure that it stays up to date. We have some articles in the IP Address Guide that we make sure to update frequently, but the ExpressVPN review has not been one of them.

ExpressVPN review

As we just looked through the existing review, it said that ExpressVPN has servers in 32 nations (in total). Five years ago, that was okay, but today it isn’t much at all. But, ExpressVPN has moved on since then, and today they have servers in almost 100 different nations, in almost 150 different cities, operating from more than 2000 different servers. I think it was about time for us to update our outdated review.

What is the truth about ExpressVPN?

It is one of the most expensive VPN providers on the market. Originally, I wasn’t a big fan of ExpressVPN, and I felt as if they weren’t any better than the other providers, and thus I would never have bought a subscription myself (considering that they were quite a bit more expensive than their competitors).

But, then came January 2016, and the heavy crackdown on VPN services by Netflix. Within a few months, most VPN providers were blocked, and it was extremely hard to gain access to Netflix in other countries. But, there has been one exception in the market since day one, and that is ExpressVPN. Today, they are by far the best VPN provider if you want to get access to other Netflix regions. Not only will they help you access American Netflix, they can also help you watch German Netflix, Australian Netflix, Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix, and much more. More about this at

It is very hard to find objective articles about VPN providers. I just did a quick Google search for news related to ExpressVPN in the last thirty days, and all news coming up are somehow filled with affiliate links (just like the ones you will find in the IP Address Guide). Luckily, they are lowering the risk with their 30-day full refund policy. Even if it was junk and a scam, you will get your money back if you do not like the product. But, based on our personal experience, and coming from a standing point were ExpressVPN wasn’t at all among my favorite VPN providers, I must say that time has changed my mind.

What do you think? You can read more about ExpressVPN in our review. If you want to visit the ExpressVPN website, click the link.

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