Best animated children films on Netflix

Are you looking for a good film for your children? Do you want them to see something that contains little violence, but might make them laugh and have a really good time? This is a list that will show you five films ideal to show small children in the age group between 2 and 6 years who want to spend some minutes or hours watching Netflix!

It is worth noticing that there are lots of series on Netflix, and we could write about those as well, but in this article we will focus in on movies lasting for about 60 minutes and ideal for children. These are animated and suitable for children, but if you have some spare time, why not sit down together with the kids and enjoy watching together with them?

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Best animated children films on Netflix

Winnie The PoohWinnie the Pooh

This is the original Winnie the Pooh story where you can get to see and laugh together with the cute friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. This film lasts for 63 minutes and is ideal for young (and for old). Winnie the Pooh was orignally created by A. A. Milne and the first story was released in 1926. In this film you will find the story based on three different Winnie the Pooh stories, one in which  Eeyore Loses a Tail and Pooh Finds One and another in which Piglet Meets a Heffalump. As you can understand this film means lots of fun, and the film itself was created in 2011.

Thomas: Calling all Engines

Thomas on NetflixThis is one of several Thomas films available on Netflix. In addition to the films, there are also lots of Thomas episodes available on Netflix, so if you do not want the children to sit to long in front of the computer watching, then you could go for the simple Thomas episodes as well.

In Thomas Calling all Engines, a film made in 2005, they have a big project going on, making themselves ready to build an airport at the island of Sodor, where everything takes place in the story of Thomas the Tank Engine. There are of course troubles coming up, and some trains messing up, but luckily they are still brave and smart, making things work out still.

Oliver and Company

Children do love animals, and in Oliver and Company you can watch lots of dogs and some other animals. This film was created in the 1980-s and it is a Disney production. The film is packed with nice and music that will enter your brain and only leave slowly, so be aware of this before starting to watch the film. The film last for about 70 minutes, so a perfect animal friendly film to watch together with the children on a Saturday evening, and if you want to make it really healthy as well, give them some nice carrots to chew while watching Oliver and Company on Netflix.


Cars on NetflixIn 2006 Cars was released and the story of Lightning McQueen became a big hit among young and old. This is a quite long film, so if you need your children to stay calm for about 115 minutes, then Cars is the film to start on Netflix. This is a story packed with high pace, cool racing cars, some good lessons on being a team player and of course a story of becoming friends, so not only is it action filled, it also has some really good values to share with the children watching. Based on this story there has also been some follow ups and films related to the original story, but if you want the maximum of fun, then you better go for the Cars original from 2006. Go Lightning McQueen!

Bob-The Builder: The Knights of Can-A-Lot

Bob The Builder on NetflixIf you like Bob the Builder (and we are sure you do), then why not take a break to enjoy a longer film about Bob the Builder and when he and his friends go back to the medieval age to become knights? In reality they do not go back in time, but they have to help out fixing up an old castle . Of course things turn out in a different way than planned, and before things are completed, they have learned a lot. This is not the only longer Bob the Builder film on Netflix, because besides this one you can for example watch other longer films on netflix.

These were some animated children films on Netflix that we can truly recommend. Be aware of the fact that these are all available on UK Netflix at the time of writing, but in other countries you may not find these films available, and by the time you actually visit UK Netflix, they may be gone, but then there will for sure be other films that are added instead.

If you were to say five more films that could have been on this list, but for some reason they are not, then you can here get advices on five other films on Netflix that is ideal for children who want to relax and have fun watching an animated film for children on Netflix.

Some more animated films on Netflix ideal for children

  • Mulan (maybe for a bit older audience, but still great).
  • Monster Inc (like Mulan for a bit older children, the smallest will not really get the point).
  • The Three Musketers (lots of fun as Mickey, Donald and Goofy play the roles of the Three Musketers).
  • The Smurfs (full time movie from 2011 lasting for quite a while, but with loads of fun).
  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad (you can never get enough of Thomas).

Enjoy watching, and if you should have any problems, or maybe want to find out more on how to watch UK Netflix with your for example Netflix account in the USA, then this is a great article that can help you with that. If the children fell asleep watching Thomas or one of the other films and you want to watch a romantic film with your wife or with your husband, then read more about romantic films on Netflix here.

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