Best VPN in Iceland

Writing this article I wondered whether the title of the article should be “Best VPN in Iceland” or “Best VPN on Iceland.” I Googled it, and found out that Best VPN in Iceland was the best solution, so hopefully you will enjoy both the grammer, the title and of course the content of this article.

If you want to surf safely and encrypted in Iceland, that you will want to use a VPN quite often. Some people located abroad (outside Iceland) use a VPN to get themselves an Icelandic IP address, and in that way they can for example watch RUV and other stuff from abroad. A VPN can do all this for you, but maybe you are reading this article not only to find out how to virtually reside in Iceland, but you also want to know which VPN provider is the best for those who want to secure their online presence while surfing the Internet in Iceland. The answer is about to come.

Best VPN provider in Iceland

Best VPN provider in Iceland

We have tested some of the biggest VPN providers in Iceland. The most important when choosing a VPN provider is the amount of IP addresses available, ping times and download speeds. These three are closely connected, as a provider with few IPs available will easily lag once many people connect, which will lead to bad pings and slow downloads. A provider with several IP addresses will have good capacity for users, which again can enjoy good pings and good download speeds. We have tested three VPN providers and their download speedsĀ  on their Icelandic servers, and here you can see the results.

As you can see all three providers have great download speeds and we can warmly recommend the services of all three providers. Still, to sum it up, our warmest recommendations go to IPVanish who has the best download speeds, some very nice package prices and also a very easy to use interface and website. If you want to read more about the services, click the links next to the download speeds. If you want to visit their websites, click one of the following links:

IPVanish websiteHideMyAss websiteVyprVPN website

Do you have any experience using any of these providers? Share your experience and let our readers find out which VPN provider serves as your favorite in Iceland.

4 thoughts on “Best VPN in Iceland

  1. anon says:

    HMA=spy and snitch customers, IPV and Vypr are NSA/USA based.
    Is there an vpn provider who is BASED IN ICELAND? i.e. under Iceland jurisdiction…

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hey there Anon, and thanks for the question! I am not really sure if there is any serious VPN provider actually located in Iceland running under Iceland jurisdiction. Any reason why you are in special need of exactly that?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hello! I know that more providers do so, but based on personal experience the Overplay VPN is in general very slow in most nations, and StrongVPN is quite expensive and hard to get started with, so based on that I normally prefer other VPN providers if possible!

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