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Are you located in Hungary and in need of a VPN provider that will provide you with a maximum level security and great speeds? We have done the tests for you, so just read on and find out which VPN provider to use when you want a secure connection in Hungary!

A VPN in Hungary can be useful if you are living in the country or just visiting the country for some days or months and want to make sure that your Internet connection is protected when using open WiFi networks and similar activities. Since you are in Hungary your main goal is not to get a Hungarian IP address, because you actually have one when in the nation, but what a VPN can do for your connection is to encrypt all data sent and taking care of your privacy and confidential information while surfing the Internet.

Not all VPN providers come with Hungarian servers in their basic packages, but still our favorite services all have servers in Hungary and include them in their basic packages, so that is a big advantage. It is also worth noticing that most VPN providers have their Hungarian servers in the city of Kecskemet, and not in Budapest. That should though not make much difference as Hungary is a small country with short distances.

VPN in Hungary and Budapest
VPN providers in Hungary for tourists and locals!

Best VPN providers in Hungary

To find the best VPN providers in Hungary we have considered the subscription prices, total VPN product and then most importantly, the speed of servers in Hungary. Based on these three points we came to the conclusion that the best two VPN providers in Hungary and IPVanish and PureVPN. During our tests they gave us the best download speeds, making the loss between  our actual Internet speed and download speed after connection to the VPN server minimal. On a third place we would rank HideMyAss which has a giant server network, but their download speeds were a bit poorer than the ones we got with PureVPN and IPVanish. All three VPN providers have quite similar prices, all around 10 USD a month and prices between 65USD – 80USD for a yearly subscription.

Get a VPN in Hungary

Ready to try yourself? All three providers have money back guarantees, so no risk in trying.You can either visit their websites or to get to know more about the products, read our reviews.

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  2. IPVanish websiteIPVanish review
  3. HideMyAss websiteHideMyAss review

Hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. Feel free to share whatever insight you have on the subject on Hunary and VPNs as you write a comment. If you have tried any of the listed VPN providers, write a comment and share your experience.



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  1. Jonathan says:

    I prefer ExpressVPN as a solution for a VPN with IP addresses in Hungary. It is a great solution with good speeds!

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