HideMyAss with 32 new servers and 1244 new IP addresses

New HideMyAss serversWe try to keep our readers updated on what is going on in the VPN world, and for those paying attention it is hard to miss out on the fact that HideMyAss keeps expanding all the time. In their latest blog post they could tell that they had just added 32 new servers and 1244 new IP addresses to their VPN network.

The most important updates with these new servers are the fact that they have added one more virtual server in the Netherlands providing IP address in USA, they have gotten two new servers in Australia, a brand new server in Ukraine and new servers in the USA, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Taiwan, UK and in Saudi Arabia.

If you want to use a VPN provider that keeps growing and who do their uttermost to create a great VPN provider, you should for sure consider HideMyAss. They have servers in 64 nations at the moment (if we remember correctly) and they have more 61,000 IP addresses in their network. Very impressive! The good thing with such an amount of IP addresses and servers available is that even if you should have problems with speed on one of them, there are hundreds of other servers to choose from, meaning that you will always find a server with good speed.


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