Best VPN in Norway

Norway, the nation of fjords and luxury is waiting for interrailers, tourists and people who look for a promised land to live in with high salaries and great opportunities. In this nation there are many people who want to secure their data, meaning that they want to use a VPN service as they stay in the nation. Which is the VPN provider you should go for as you stay and live in Norway?

It is important to notice that this is not the same as living abroad looking for a way of getting a Norwegian IP address. There are many ways of getting a Norwegian IP, but if you are in Norway and simply want to get hold of a VPN provider with servers in Norway, which means that they provide you with top download speeds, great encryption methods and tons of servers in Norway. In other words, an easy way of securing your online connection when using open networks, or when you want to do torrenting or some other activity online that you feel require a higher level of protection.

Best VPN provider in Oslo and Norway

A VPN provider will do exactly that, as they offer high levels of encryption, normally betwee 128 and 256-bit encryption. This means that your data is encrypted so much, that none will be able to open up that package to find out what you are actually doing. Back to business, which VPN providers are the best to use in Norway?

Best VPN providers in Norway

If you are in Norway and want to use a VPN provider which will give you good speeds, local IP addresses and high level of encryption we can recommend the following services based on our own experience.

Best in Norway: HideMyAss.

The reason that we prefer and proclaim HideMyAss as the best VPN provider in Norway is that they are the biggest and they keep expanding all the time. They have seven servers in Norway at the moment as this article is written and they have more than 800 IPs available.


Second best in Norway: IPVanish

On second place we would place IPVanish which is yet another stable and trustworthy They have good customer service, and do their best to keep speeds up and costs down. They have a very easy to use client, so absoutely a good option for people in need of a good VPN provider in Norway who do not want to use HideMyAss.


Third best in Norway: VyprVPN

VyprVPN is the VPN service from GoldenFrog. They are proud that they own all VPN servers themselves, not borrowing and renting services from others. All information in the house is part of their strategy claiming to raise the privacy of their customers to an even higher level. They do have servers in Norway with good speeds as well, so yet another good option for those who want to surf securely using a VPN provider and connecting to a VPN server in Norway.

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