Best VPN in Sweden

Would you like to find out which is the best VPN in Sweden? Are you looking for awesome speeds and high level encryption as you use your Internet connection in Sweden? Find out which VPN providers to use and which ones to avoid!

There are several VPN providers on the market, and not all of them are as good as the others. In our IP Address Guide we have written quite a lot of VPN reviews, so go ahead and read them for more information about different services and providers. When you are looking for a VPN provider with servers in Sweden there are quite a lot of them, but there are major differences when it comes to speed and quality of the products they deliver, so that is why we have done some tests and published this article, to let you know which VPN providers we consider to be the best and ideal to use as you look for a provider with servers in the beautiful country of Sweden.

best vpn in sweden
Which are the best VPN providers in Sweden with great speeds, Swedish IPs and easy to use VPN clients?

Best VPNs in Sweden

We have tested several VPN providers and done speed tests at different times of the day and different days. Based on our tests we can conclude that there are two VPN providers to which we will give away the first place, while there are some more providers which can be recommended on a shared third place. So, let us get started!

Winner in Sweden: PureVPN

Based on our speed tests PureVPN always gave us good download speeds in Sweden, and we seldom lost any speed from our own connection (based on speed tests before and after connecting to the VPN server). It is very easy with PureVPN, because you just connect to “fastest server in Sweden,” and after that everything goes by itself. If you need a VPN provider with IPs in Sweden, good speeds and high level of encryption and security, PureVPN is for sure among the best.


Winner in Sweden: HideMyAss

HideMyAss is probably the biggest VPN provider in Sweden, considering the fact that they have more than 1200 IPs available which is provided by ten or eleven servers in the nation. In general it can be said that they provider good speeds and even though they are not always as quick as PureVPN, they still work perfectly for those who want to surf the Internet safely, use torrents, or maybe watch Swedish TV online.


Other great VPN providers in Sweden

If you would like to use another VPN provider in Sweden, then you could consider both IPVanish and VyprVPN. Both providers have several servers in Sweden and quite some IPs available. We did not get as good download speeds during our tests using these providers as we did with HideMyAss and PureVPN. but still they are much better than most other providers out there on the market. For more information about these providers, read our IPVanish review or the VyprVPN review.

Hope you have enjoyed the article, but feel free to share further insight, comments or questions as you write a comment!

3 thoughts on “Best VPN in Sweden

  1. DoktorThomas™ says:

    You have it close, Thomas.
    What Tomas was implying is that individuals outside of Sweden view the use of bitcoins at the expense of all other traditional money exchangers, coupled with its recent implosion, with a jaundice eye; that gives us outside of Sweden the feeling that any company conducting business thusly is rather swarthy and probably should be avoided. While synthetic money may circumvent exchange rates, it is highly visible to all tax authorities and preferred by the underworld. Why would any consumer conscious business want to employ such a negative attention gathering financial system? Increased surveillance at the corporate level means more surveillance at the user level. Isn’t avoidance of that the purpose of VPN?
    We all know governments spying on their own law abiding citizens is illegal no matter what false laws governments may pass; no matter what grand justifications they may proffer. Individuals who don’t trust anyone are individuals themselves that do not possess trust within their character; they need to be properly removed from all stations of authority. Once passed, those oppressive laws will only be revoked/nullified after each nation’s civil war, returning ultimate power to the citizens where it belongs (in a republican sense, not a socialist framework). ©2014 All rights reserved. Protected by Federal law and international treaty.

  2. Tomas Bengtsson says:

    PureVPN is pretty useless in my opinion. If you are outside EU they only accept payments via Bitcoin, not credit cards, not Paypal or any normal payment service despite the fact that they state this on the web site. This means that if you are in a country were you actually need the service you can not pay for it unless you set up a Bitcoin account. We all know what has happened to bitcoin over the last year so personally I refuse to do that. You do not get any alerts or information about this. Your payment goes trough, your statement shows the money have been payed and the service even worked for a short time. The next day you get a re-fund in your account without any explanation and it takes quite a few messages to support to find out what is happening. Useless service in other words. Select another provider.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hello! Thank you for writing Tomas… I guess what you are saying is that if you are located outside the EU, use HideMyAss or some other provider instead. If you are inside the EU, PureVPN still should work good 🙂 Thanks for writing and for the comment anyway!

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