Can I use NordVPN with NRK in Norway?

NordVPN is a leading VPN provider, but can it be used if you want to stream NRK in Norway outside the borders of Norway? We have tested to see if NordVPN can be used with NRK and here you can see the results.

First of all, the Norwegian TV channel NRK is the most popular channel in Norway and a state-run channel. It is broadcasting a lot of international TV shows, large sports events, and it has daily newscasts, weather forecasts (which Norwegians love because they always say rain), and lots of other programs. But, to watch NRK abroad you will need to get a Norwegian IP address. Do you know why? NRK only has the rights to broadcast its content in Norway, and that is why they are implementing a so-called geo-block to stop people abroad from watching.

To test whether or not NordVPN works with NRK in Norway, I first visited the NRK website and tried to stream a random show. One of my favorite children programs is Masha and Mishka, so I gave it a try. This is what it looked like!

Error message when I try to watch NRK abroad
I am trying to watch Masha and Mishka on NRK outside Norway

The error message tells me that the show isn’t available outside Norway. What can you do about this? You probably know already… a VPN is the solution. But, is the Panama-based VPN provider named NordVPN the solution? We have given it a try!

Using NordVPN with NRK in Norway

To get started, I open the NordVPN application on my computer. Inside the application, I search for Norway and get a list of the servers in Norway. I just double-click the Norwegian flag, knowing that I will then be connected to the fastest and most suitable server in Norway in the NordVPN server base at the moment. The connection process takes about 10 seconds, and after that, I have a Norwegian IP address (I checked my IP address right here to make sure that it worked).

Here I am connecting to a NordVPN server in Norway
I have searched for Norway and will now connect to a NordVPN server in Norway

As I mentioned, it took about ten seconds before the VPN connection was made, and I could then see the following on my screen.

I get a Norwegian IP address with NordVPN
Here I am, connected to a NordVPN server in Norway

Now I have a Norwegian IP address, and if everything works great, I should be able to watch NRK straight away. To check it out, I simply return to the NRK website and press reload on the page with the Masha and Mishka stream.

So, is NRK working with NordVPN?

I didn’t even reload my browser, I simply reloaded the stream of the TV show, and this is what I could see.

Get ready to stream NRK abroad - NordVPN gets the job done!
Get ready to stream NRK abroad – NordVPN gets the job done!

As you can see, the error message has disappeared and I am able to watch NRK abroad using NordVPN. Isn’t that great? It is really easy to sign up, it is easy to stream using NordVPN, and they have some of the best prices on the VPN market today.

NordVPN75% discount – 30-day full refund

NordVPN has a money-back guarantee which is valid for 30-days. If you purchase a subscription and do not like it, you can easily get your money back by sending them an email. But, NordVPN is good for so much more than just to stream NRK abroad. Read on to find out more!

Can I use NordVPN to watch other blocked TV channels online?

It is nice to know that you can use NordVPN to stream NRK abroad. But, can you use NordVPN to stream other channels as well? As a matter of fact, yes! If you like Scandinavian TV, you can use NordVPN to watch DR in Denmark and SVTPlay in Sweden online. If you are more fond of English humor, why not use NordVPN to stream BBC and ITV online?

What might be even more attractive is the brilliancy of NordVPN when it comes to Netflix streaming. You can easily access all the content in 6-7 Netflix regions using NordVPN. If you are connected to a NordVPN server in Norway and visit Netflix, you will not see the content on Netflix in Norway. Instead, you will see all the content on American Netflix. But, if you connect to a server in Canada, the Netherlands, in the USA, or in the UK, you will get access to the local content available on Netflix in that nation. No wonder why we call NordVPN one of the best VPN providers for Netflix!

Can I share my NordVPN subscription with others?

If you want to save money, or make your NordVPN subscription cheaper, purchase it together with someone else. One NordVPN subscription can be used on 6 devices simultaneously. It is ideal to buy a subscription with some friends, and everyone can use it at the same time. So, while you watch NRK with NordVPN, your friends might stream Canadian Netflix, while another friend watches the BBC in the UK.

Conclusion – NordVPN and NRK

Yes, you can use NordVPN with NRK in Norway!

Do you still have questions or comments? Write them down and we will do our best to answer!

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