Cons and pros with The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is the big success story and the number one streamed content on the new streaming platform Disney Plus. So far, the first five episodes have aired, and based on what I have seen so far, I am really positively surprised. There are a lot of pros with The Mandalorian, but there are a few cons as well. Here I will share with you my thoughts about The Mandalorian based on what we have seen so far.

After watching the first two episodes, I wasn’t entirely sure about whether or not I liked the show. It felt like Star Wars, simply because they named it Star Wars and because they created some characters that made it look like Star Wars. In a way, it was a nice way of making a lot of money by using the name Star Wars. And to make it worse, I wasn’t really sure about whether or not I enjoyed the company of the main character, The Mandalorian himself. That was a major problem, and as he captured our little Yoda-guy and gave him up easily for his wage, I didn’t feel good at all. But, throughout the entire process, we are given the feeling that The Mandalorian is a good guy, and it is not with a good feeling that he gives up on his little treasure (baby-Yoda) whom he captured for a nice salary in his bounty-hunting job.

But, from episode three we see that things get really hot. The Mandalorian regrets giving away the little baby, and risking his own life and reputations, he steals the baby and gets going with it. This leads to episode four in which he lands on a planet and helps a little population stay safe from some people terrorizing them and stealing their stuff. Here we greatly see The Mandalorian as a person with feelings, and he is even tempted to take off his helmet in front of a very nice looking lady who reminds me of Pocahontas. He is almost tempted to stay behind and start a family, but of course, he knows that it cannot be done and that if he does so, he would lose his status as a Mandalorian.

But, in this episode I felt something for the first time that I didn’t like. I enjoyed the presence of his helper in this episode, a very tough lady, and it would have been so great to have her around for some more episodes. But, I guess The Mandalorian is a one-man show, and thus, there will be lots of actors coming and going, with Pedro Pascal in the role of The Mandalorian as the constant. But, Gina Carano in her role as Cara Dune was awesome. And, as I looked for some information about this nice lady, it seems as if she will actually return for some of the later episodes as well, so I guess we are finished with her after all (something I am really happy about).

Will Gina Carano return to The Mandalorian?
I really liked the role of Gina Carano in The Mandalorian

Julia Jones who played the lady who looks like Pocahontas in episode four (Sanctuary) does not seem to return to the series, however. But, I guess she would only cause trouble for The Mandalorian, so it is better to leave her out of it all.

When will The Mandalorian remove his helmet?

One of the questions people have asked themselves is when Pedro Pascal will remove his helmet so that we can see his actual face in The Mandalorian. I would love for it to happen, but in the fourth episode, we are told that he will remove his status as a Mandalorian if he removes his helmet. And the thing about the story is that he is a Mandalorian, so I guess it will not happen in the first place.

But, if The Mandalorian should ever become a neverending story that runs for ten seasons on Disney+ and they get a hard time coming up with something new, I guess it might happen in season 6 or 7, just to give the story a boost. Bus as of now, we will not see the face of Pedro Pascal for a long time (at least that is what I think).

Action in The Mandalorian

Once again, what are the cons and the pros with The Mandalorian?

If I have to give you some pros, I would definitely say that this is an awesome Star Wars action-series for Star Wars fans. It is very true to the original universe and the story and the characters are all fitting well into the universe. The budget is high, meaning that the episodes are packed with effects, and it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

The Mandalorian is getting to be a nicer and nicer guy for every episode, so even though I had my doubts after the first two episodes, I am now fully convinced about his pure heart and good intentions. This makes him easy to trust and much easier to like. The fact that he also “almost” fell in love with a nice girl in episode 4 makes him more human and easier to enjoy the company of.

All in all, The Mandalorian is a fantastic story and without being a big Star Wars fan, I have become a big fan of this great series. All honor to Jon Favreau for his work with the series, to Pedro Pascal, and all the others who have made The Mandalorian what it has become so far.

I liked this guy in the first episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+
I liked this guy in the first episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+

The only place to stream The Mandalorian

Still, the only place you can stream The Mandalorian online is at the Disney+ streaming service. You can find it at some torrent sites and illegal sites, but if you want to watch it with a pure conscience, then Disney+ is the solution. There are a few VPN providers that work well with Disney+, and if you want to know more about those, check our article dealing with the best VPN providers for Disney+.

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