Hot to watch Suits season 7 online?

The seventh season of Suits will premiere in July 2017. Fans worldwide have been looking forward to this for months. But, how can you and I stream the new season of Suits online?

Suits has been a fantastic success story for USA Network. This is the channel creating and airing the TV series in the United States. Not only has it received good critics, it is also getting new audience every day. The first six seasons can be aired in Netflix, but the seventh is still far away from the giant streaming portal. So, how can you and I watch the new Suits season online? Here are some different methods:

Suits season 9 premiere on July 17th, 2019
Suits season 9 and all the earlier Suits seasons can be streamed on Netflix in the UK. More information on how to stream all Suits seasons on Netflix can be found in this article.

Watch Suits season 7 online

At the USA Network website – only possible with a cable subscription

The new episodes of Suits will be made available at the USA Network website after airing. But, the full episodes are only available if you have an actual cable subscription in the United States, meaning that people outside the US can not do so. If you have a subscription, but just need help with streaming USA Network abroad, follow these instructions. If you do not have a cable subscription, then you will have to try one of the other options instead.

Suits season 7 without Jessica Pearson (aka Gina Torres)
Suits season 7 without Jessica Pearson (aka Gina Torres)

At YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the brand new TV service from YouTube. It launched early in 2017, and it has already managed to get quite a lot of subscribers. If you sign up for their package which cost 35USD per month and can be used at six devices simultaneously, you will be able to both watch USA Network live. It is also very easy to record all episodes of Suits, meaning that you can watch them on demand whenever you want to at YouTube TV. For those living abroad, follow these instructions to watch YouTube TV.

At Hulu Live TV

Just like YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV is a brand new service. Hulu Live TV is in fact even newer, meaning that at the time writing they do not even support streaming live in Windows or on Mac, meaning that you have to stream on iOS systems, Android, using Apple TV or a Chromecast. That is however hard to fix overseas, so until they get real Windows support, we do not recommend this method.

Buy each episode manually

If you visit Google Play Store you can buy access to each episode, one by one. This is only available for those with a US Google account, but if you do not have one, that is something that can easily be fixed. Follow these instructions to get yourself a US Google account quickly. In the same way you can also buy the episodes at You will need to get access to a US payment method and also use a VPN for this to work, but it really ain’t that hard either. You can read more about streaming Amazon Instant Videos and content abroad at

Watch Suits season 7 on Netflix

You can actually watch the new Suits season 7 episodes on Netflix. We did not expect it, but by a coincidence we saw a tweet saying that the new season can be streamed on UK Netflix. Want to read more about how to stream Suits season 7 on Netflix? Or read a simple article on how to get access to UK Netflix? Press the links to find out more!

Are you ready to stream Suits season 7 online?

We hope these instructions will help you out. If you are a crazy Suits fan, then you are willing to spend a few dollars to get access to the episodes at once, and we are sure that at least one of these methods will help you out.

One of the big news this season is that Jessica Pearson will leave the show, meaning that we will no longer see Gina Torres in the show. Instead she is partaking in the HBO series Westworld, a series we strongly dislike. Who cares about that, because the rest of the world love Westworld, but we don’t. It is also interesting to know that the 100th episode of Suits will be aired on August 30th in 2017. USA Network is making a lot of fuss about the 100th episode, so make sure to follow this closely and look out for extra bonuses  There were also rumors that the seventh season would be delayed, due to the relationship between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but we now know that those were only rumors! The seventh season of Suits is soon ready to be aired.

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