Where and how to watch UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 online?

The European Championship in football for women will be arranged between July 16 and August 6 in the Netherlands. Find out how and where to watch the event online!

The European Championship in football for women will be a fantastic highlight during the summer of 2017. Many people look forward to the FIFA World Cup in 2018 (for men), but let us not forget about Euro 2017 for women. There will be 16 nations competing in the tournament. Read on to find more information about the nations participating, the schedule, the broadcasters and much more.

Watch Euro 2017 Women online

Let us first tell you how will broadcast the European Championship on TV. Based on that information we will tell you how to stream Euro 2017 online easily.¨

Euro 2017 for women broadcasters

Here are the TV channels that will broadcast the Euro 2017 for women in different nations.

  • Pan-European: Eurosport
  • Austria: ORF
  • Belgium: RTBF/VRT
  • Denmark: DR/TV2
  • Finland: YLE
  • France/Monaco/Andorra: France Télévisions
  • Germany: ARD/ZDF
  • Iceland: RUV
  • Italy: Nuvola61/RAI (delayed)
  • Netherlands: NOS
  • Norway: NRK/TV2
  • Portugal: RTP
  • Russia: Match TV
  • Spain: TVE
  • Sweden: TV4/SVT
  • Switzerland: SSR/SRG
  • United Kingdom: Channel 4

Based on this information we can now share with you the best methods to stream the event online.

How to watch Euro 2017 for women online!

You will most likely want to watch Euro 2017 on a TV channel in your given nation. If you cheer for Portugal, then you will probably want to watch the event on Portuguese TV, while Norwegian will want to watch the event on Norwegian TV. You can click the links above for more information on how to watch some of the TV channels in specific nations online, but if you really do not care, and just want to watch the matches on TV online, this is what we recommend.

  1. Get yourself a VPN subscription to the VPN provider ExpressVPN. This is something you need in order to get access to live TV streams in different nations all across Europe. Most TV channels only let people in that very nation see what they are airing, and thus you need to make them believe you are in that given nation. ExpressVPN will help you do that, so sign up, download their application and you are ready to go
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  2. Now that you have ExpressVPN on your computer, do as follows:
    1. Connect to a server in England and visit the Channel 4 website. You need to create a user, but once that is done, you are ready to stream.
    2. Connect to a server in Switzerland and visit SRF.ch. There you can stream the matches easily as well.
    3. Use ExpressVPN and connect to a server in the Netherlands. You can then visit NOS.nl and stream all the matches online there.
    4. You can also watch it on NRK/TV2 Sumo in Norway. NRK is free, while TV2 Sumo requires a subscription. Connect to a server in Norway for this to work.

Based on these instructions you should be able to stream the Euro 2017 for women online. If you have problems or questions, use the comment field beneath. We will do our best to help and answer your questions within shortly.

The UEFA Euro 2017 groups

There will be four groups in the tournament. The host, Netherlands, will play in group A, and they will also play the opening match in the tournament against Norway on July 16th, at 18.00. This match will be played in Utrecht at the Galgenwaard stadium, a venue with space for more than 20,000 spectators.

The biggest favorites to win the tournament are Germany, followed by France, Spain and Holland. There are however some big outsiders, for example Norway with Ada Hegerberg (best female footballer in the world in 2017 on the team).

Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D


The Euro 2017 schedule

There will be played two matches a day during the group stage. In the first two rounds there will be one early match (starting 17.00 or 18.00), and one start at 20.45. For the last round of the group stage all matches will be played at 20.45. On July 29th it is time for the knockout stage to start, and the final of the tournament will be played on August 6th at the FC Twente stadium. This stadium has a capacity for 30,000 people, so let us hope it gets filled up!

Sunday July 16

Group A: Netherlands v Norway
Group A: Denmark v Belgium

Monday July 17

Group B: Italy v Russia
Group B: Germany v Sweden

Tuesday July 18

Group C: Austria v Switzerland
Group C: France v Iceland

Wednesday July 19

Group D: Spain v Portugal
Group D: England v Scotland

Thursday July 20

Group A: Norway v Belgium
Group A: Netherlands v Denmark

Friday July 21

Group B: Sweden v Russia
Group B: Germany v Italy

Saturday July 22

Group C: Iceland v Switzerland
Group C: France v Austria

Sunday July 23

Group D: Scotland v Portugal
Group D: England v Spain

Monday July 24

Group A: Belgium v Netherlands
Group A: Norway v Denmark

Tuesday July 25

Group B: Russia v Germany
Group B: Sweden v Italy

Wednesday July 26

Group C: Switzerland v France
Group C: Iceland v Austria

Thursday July 27

Group D: Portugal v England
Group D: Scotland v Spain

Saturday July 29

Quarter-finals: Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B
Quarter-finals: Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A

Sunday July 30

Quarter-finals: Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D
Quarter-finals: Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C

Thursday August 3

Semi-finals: Winner Group A/Runner-up Group B v Winner Group D/Runner-up Group C
Semi-finals: Winner Group B/Runner-up Group A v Winner Group C/Runner-up Group D

Sunday August 6

Final: Winner Group A/Runner-up Group B/Winner Group D/Runner-up Group C v Winner Group B/Runner-up Group A/Winner Group C/Runner-up Group D

Euro 2017 women schedule
The Euro 2017 schedule for the entire tournament.

Can Germany win again?

Germany has won the last six tournaments in a row, and a total of eight of of the nine last tournaments. Can they continue this fantastic winning streak? The last time another nation won was in 1993, and then Norway won against Italy in the final.

The nerves are high, but the women are ready to play ball. Hopefully the stadiums will be packed with people cheering for these footballers, and there will for sure be millions watching in front of their TV’s and online. Which team are you gonna cheer for?


21 thoughts on “Where and how to watch UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 online?

  1. Josefine says:

    Go Sweden, great start yesterday against Germany, and worked well streaming the match with ExpressVPN!! Keep up the good work sweden

  2. Rikku says:

    Will YLE broadcast all the matches in Finland? Since Finland will not actually take part in the Euro 2017, I wonder if they will really broadcast all the matches… Or should I use one of the methods here to watch it online somewhere else instead?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Can not say anything for sure, but sounds logical that the interest for this tournament might be little in Finland, so my personal guess would just be a few highlights and maybe the most important matches only.

  3. Jozsef says:

    Who will broadcast which matches in Germany? Do you know who will broadcast the matches in which Germany will play, and who will broadcast the opening match?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      It will be a mixture of DasErste and ZDF broadcasting the matches in Germany. Based on a quick visit to their websites, it seems as if ZDF will broadcast the opening match between Norway and the Netherlands, while DasErste will broadcast both matches on the second day of the tournament, the day on which Germany will play against Sweden.

  4. Harald says:

    I have my doubts about Norway, but yesterday they played 1-1 against France in their last training match before the tournament. That is actually a draw against the second best team in the tournament, so maybe Norway can get all the way to the final! Go Norway!

  5. Rodriguez says:

    Do you know where I can buy tickets for the Euro 2017? Would be great to cheer for Spain at the stadium, and not only in front of the TV.

  6. Josh says:

    Will ExpressVPN work if I want to stream the event on NOS? There are quite a lot of VPN services blocked if you try to stream NOS from abroad (experienced that with the Summer Olympics last year), so guess I wanted to ask before signing up!

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Tried it two days ago, and then it worked, so I hope nothing has changed since then! Only five days left till the opening match between the Netherlands and Norway now!!!

  7. Abdullah says:

    Do you know who will broadcast the ladies European Championship outside Europe? It would be useful to know, since I am living outside Europe.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Here is the list showing who will broadcast the Euro 2017 in other nations outside Europe. But, do not forget that no matter where you are in the world, you can follow the description in this article to stream the European Championship in football for women online easily. Here comes the broadcasters:

    • Brazil: Globosat
    • Caribbean: ESPN
    • Hong Kong: iCable
    • Indonesia: MNC/RCTI
    • Malaysia: Astro
    • Middle East/North Africa: Eurosport/beIn Sports
    • Sub-Saharan Africa: Econet (Kwese Sport)
    • United States: ESPN/Univision
    • If you have further questions, just ask!

  8. Jasmine says:

    Forgot to say…. go Netherlands! I hope the Dutch ladies will surprise everyone and grab the gold. Fed up with the German reign in ladies football, time for some other nation to take over!

  9. Jasmine says:

    How will this work if I want to watch Euro 2017 on my tablet? You can not watch this stuff in your browser, so I would need an app or something? Can you please tell me how this is done, so that I can be well prepared before the tournament starts? I am currently in Hungary!

    • Thomas Stein says:

      If you want to stream the event on for example Channel 4, you will need to download their Android application first. You will probably not find it in the Google Play Store, so download it manually from https://apkpure.com/all-4/com.channel4.ondemand . Download it to your telephone/tablet, and make sure to allow programs from unknown sources to be installed. Once you have installed it you also need the ExpressVPN or HideMyAss application on your device. Connect to a server in England with the VPN application, then visit Channel 4 and you are ready to stream Euro 2017 for women on your Android device.

      • Andre says:

        It can be downloaded from Play Store too. I have downloaded a geo-restricted app. I first deleted cache of Play Store. Installed and open Ivacy VPN and connected it with Australian server (because I downloaded the app that was only available in Australia). Then I opened Play Store and that app was available for me.

        • Thomas Stein says:

          Hey Andre,
          this is 50% correct. It will work, in case you haven’t had your Google account “stuck” to a country yet. If you add a payment method to your Google account it will get stuck to a country, and after that you can delete cache and Google Play Store data as much as you want, it will not help. But, you can of course create a new Google Profile as described in this article, and then use a VPN to connect to a server in that country, and if you then delete the data for Google Play Store and re-open it afterwards with your new Google account, then it should work… Or you could just download it using the link mentioned above.. Thank you anyway for your input!

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