How can I watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix?

What happens as a wealthy family loses all their money and fame in a few minutes? That is the base story of Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian TV series. Would you like to watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix but cannot find it? How can you watch all the Schitt’s Creek seasons on Netflix?

The first season of Schitt’s Creek aired in 2015, and it is still going strong. The fifth season just finished airing in Canada, as that is the birth country of the TV series and it is created by Daniel Levy together with his father Eugene Levy. Not only has Daniel Levy directed and created the series, but he is also an actor in the show playing the role of David Rose.

Schitts Creek on Netflix
Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

Schitt’s Creek won lots of prices during the Emmy Awards in 2020. If you haven’t seen the series yet, get started today!

Watch all seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

After doing some research, I have discovered that there is a great variety when it comes to what you can find of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. The general rule is that it cannot be found on Netflix (in most countries). But, there are approximately 10 Netflix regions in which you can find Schitt’s Creek, but only a very few of those will give you access to every single season, including the most recent one.

As a result, this article will tell you where to watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, and which Netflix regions are the best for streaming this Canadian comedy show on Netflix.

Best Netflix regions for Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

If you want to stream all seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, these are the best regions to choose from. Click the links beneath to find information on how you can watch the content in those Netflix countries outside the borders of that given nations.

In the mentioned regions, you can find every single season of Schitt’s Creek, and you can stream it all straight away. You will find quite some seasons also on Netflix in Canada and in the United States, but the most recent season of Schitt’s Creek cannot be streamed in those Netflix regions.

How to stream Schitt’s Creek on Netflix – easily

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Is Schitt’s Creek season 6 coming as well?

You can now stream the first five seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix, but we are also promised a sixth season in the future. The final season will consist of 14 episodes as well. Did you know that Schitt’s Creek has won lots of awards in Canada and elsewhere? If you haven’t seen the show yet, this is a brilliant chance to get started.

In the start of the Pilot episode, the Rose family lose all their wealth. But, they have one heritage and that is a place named Schitt’s Creek, a crappy place, but their only opportunity at starting a new life currently. Life turns completely around, but will they be able to enjoy and build new lives in this shitty place?

Have you seen Schitt’s Creek yet? Have you watched it on Netflix, or are you streaming it somewhere else? Is this one of your favorite shows? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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