How to discover which devices and IP addresses have used my Netflix account?

Do you have a feeling someone else might be using your Netflix account? Or do you want to check if you are using Netflix from a different IP address than you might actually believe? Is there a way to check who has been accessing your Netflix account, using different streaming devices, from different IP addresses?

I stream Netflix content on all sorts of devices. Not only do I stream Netflix in my browser, but I stream it in different browsers. Besides this, I have the app installed on several Android phones and tablets, and I also have it installed on some iPads. But, I also use Netflix with my Chromecast, and from time to time, I watch Netflix on my Amazon Fire TV Stick. In other words, there are lots of devices used to stream Netflix and to make it even funnier, I often use a VPN to stay safe and to bypass geo-blocks. In other words, my Netflix account is used on all sorts of devices and from a whole lot of IP addresses. But, is there a way to get an overview showing all this? Yes, it is!

How to see who has accessed your Netflix account and when!

If you want to see who has accessed your Netflix account visit

Once you visit that site, you will see a list showing recent devices accessing your Netflix account. The most recent one comes first (in my case that is my web browser which I just used to visit Netflix). I will, therefore, see the three most recent times I accessed Netflix using this device.

Next on the list is the device I used second most recently to stream Netflix content. In my case, that is my Amazon Fire TV Stick, which is showing up as “streaming stick” on the overview page. Here I can see the three most recent times I used this to access Netflix.

The third device listed is the one I used third most recently to stream Netflix content. It is quite logical.

What you can learn from the list of Netflix access history?

On the list, you can first see the location of the connection. The location is based on your IP address, and next to the location, you can see the IP address which was used. Under this information, you can see the time of the connection including both the date and the time. The time you will see is the last time you visited Netflix (meaning, when you opened the Netflix application or Netflix in your browser).

What to do if other people use my Netflix account?

If you have discovered that strangers are using your Netflix account, this is what you need to do.

  • Go to your Account settings on Netflix.
  • Go to Password.
  • Change your password.
  • Make sure to log out on all devices (check the button for this).
Change the password of your Netflix account
It is important to require a new sign in for all devices after changing your password on Netflix

The next time those who abused your account will try to log on, they will be logged out, and they will have no clue about your new Netflix password. But, you can always return to your access history to see if you have actually succeeded getting those unwanted people away.

I hope these instructions will help you. If you have comments or questions, write them down!

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