Hackers Can Use Your IP Address To Steal Your Data – Here’s How To Avoid It.

There are roughly 1.5 billion IP addresses in the US alone, each corresponding to its own network. Most users think it’s a harmless set of numbers, but cybersecurity experts will warn of the dangers if your IP address is leaked. With a plethora of victims to choose from, what do cybercriminals actually do with an Read More

How to discover which devices and IP addresses have used my Netflix account?

Do you have a feeling someone else might be using your Netflix account? Or do you want to check if you are using Netflix from a different IP address than you might actually believe? Is there a way to check who has been accessing your Netflix account, using different streaming devices, from different IP addresses? Read More

The fastest VPN provider in Sweden

Sweden is a country known for efficiency, IKEA, awesome nature, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan himself might not be the fastest football player on earth, but if you think of IKEA, it is meant to be easy to work with and quick, except for the instances in which you are stuck in your home trying to Read More