How to get an Irish IP address? [2020 version]

Have you been to Dublin and to Ireland? The city is delightful and so are the people of Ireland. For some reason, you might be reading this article from outside Ireland and you are here because you would like to virtually reside in Ireland, which means, you want to grab hold of an Irish IP address. How can you do that?

Irish IP address

If you do a search on Google for IP addresses in Ireland you will find lots of articles similar to this one. Some of them will tell you about proxy servers which you need to add manually to your web browser and then time will show if they do work or not and if they do work, who knows about their speeds.

The other part of sites telling you about how to get an Irish IP address will mention VPN providers and they are always telling you about the same provider all the time, against a good commission. To be honest, a VPN connection is the best solution if you want to get hold of an Irish IP address, but it is not the same which provider you choose. There are tons of such providers out there, and quite a lot of these have crappy service and stinky speeds. That is why we have tested more than 10 services and based on our tests we have written this article telling you which are the best VPN providers if you want to get hold of an IP in Ireland.

Best VPN providers giving you an Irish IP address

Since not all VPN providers give you an Irish IP address that is the most important thing to check out before subscribing to a VPN service. We have tested several of the VPN providers offering IP addresses in Ireland, and based on our tests the best results, meaning speeds, were given by the following services, in the provided order.

  1. PureVPN
  2. HideMyAss
  3. ExpressVPN

If you follow our recommendations you should, therefore, try PureVPN which gave us the best download speeds as we tested their server(s) in Ireland. However, if you for some reason want to use one of the other providers, then go ahead and read our reviews and select the VPN service that sounds best to you.

What can you do with that Irish IP address?

The most common reason for people wanting to get hold of an Irish IP address is to get hold of geo-blocked content. Said easier it means that people want to get an Irish IP to watch TV shows on channels such as RTE, TV3 or maybe the all-in-one AerTV from outside Ireland. If you have a Netflix account in Ireland and travel abroad that suddenly turns unavailable, so an Irish IP will help you watch your Netflix account in Ireland from all over the world.

Ready to try yourself? Visit PureVPN and go for it!


If you have a question related to acquiring an Irish IP address, or if you just have something on your heart, use the comment field beneath to let us know about it!

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