How to watch TV2 Sumo from outside Norway?

Do you have a subscription for TV2 Sumo (Norwegian TV), but have turned unable to see it because you are located outside Norway? Here you will find out how to watch Norwegian TV2 live from outside Norway!

The solution if you want to watch Norwegian TV2 Sumo from outside Norway is to get hold of a Norwegian IP address. Unfortunately their programs are blocked with a geo-block and the solution is to get a local IP in Norway. That can easily be arranged with a VPN connection and one such VPN connection offering Norwegian IP address is HideMyAss.

TV2 Sumo online from outside Norway

How to watch TV2 Sumo from outside Norway with HideMyAss

All you need to do to watch is therefore to visit HideMyAss, make a cheap subscription to their VPN service, download their client, connect to one of their servers in Norway, restart your browser and get ready to enjoy watching TV2 Sumo live from outside Norway. It is working, we have tried it ourselves!


The great thing about HideMyAss is that they have servers in more than 50 nations, meaning that with the same subscription you will be able to acquire IP addresses in lots of other nations which again will open doors to other live broadcasts in other nations also blocked with so called geo-blocks. A great example is if you want to watch the Rai channels in Italy which require an Italian IP address. But, with HideMyAss that can be fixed in a minute! That was just one out of many examples!

Enjoy watching TV2 in Norway and lots of other channels online bypassing geo-blocks using HideMyAss or some other VPN service.


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  1. Thomas Stein says:

    It is very important to remember that it is not enough to have a Norwegian IP address to watch TV2 Sumo online. You also need a subscription to the actual channel and one of their packages. But, if you have a subscription to one of their packages, you can watch as much as you want from abroad once you have that Norwegian IP address!

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