How to test the Disney+ preview in the Netherlands abroad? Do I need a VPN? Are there VPN’s working with Disney+?

Disney+ launched a preview of their service the people in the Netherlands on September 12th. This is a great deal for the people of the Netherlands, and something that makes the rest of us quite envious. But, is there a way to get access to Disney+ in the Netherlands? Can it be accessed with a VPN?

When you try to visit, you will most likely be sent on to a screen looking like this.

Disney plus - get a notification when it turns available in your country.
Disney plus – get a notification when it turns available in your country.

I remember a similar screen on the Netflix site back in the days. This was shown to everyone visiting the site in a nation in which the streaming service was unavailable. And currently, the only place where you can stream Disney+ is in the Netherlands. But, is there a way to bypass this and sign up for the preview? Can I use a VPN to access Disney+ in the Netherlands?

There are lots of VPN providers that will give you a Dutch IP address. But, only a few works if you want to watch NOS abroad. And as you will soon find out, finding one that works with Disney+ is almost impossible!

Use a VPN with Disney+ in the Netherlands

I have tested several VPN providers, and when I use them, I normally get to see the actual Disney+ website for the Netherlands. But, it isn’t complete. Take a look at the screenshot beneath.

Would you like to sign up for the Disney+ exclusive free trial in the Netherlands?
Would you like to sign up for the Disney+ exclusive free trial in the Netherlands?

You might say that it looks promising when you see the picture, but you are still far from success. Do you know why? No links will work on this page. If you press “log in”, nothing will happen. And even more important – the button you need to click to sign up for the free trial is gone. Do you know why? Disney+ has already gotten hold of thousands of IP addresses used by VPN providers and proxy services, and thus, you might see the actual page, but you have no chance at all to sign up for the services.

Maybe you will find a VPN that will give you access to the site itself, but I doubt that you will find a VPN that will actually let you sign up for Disney+.

The exception for Disney+ in the Netherlands

When I get in trouble like this, I always have a key-card, a secret solution that normally works out with all services. The solution is called IPSX, and it is a cryptocurrency-based IP address exchange. It has thousands of IP addresses unknown by the different streaming services, and as a result, you can use it to unblock lots of sites blocked for normal VPN users.

I quickly visited the platform and bought two cheap IP addresses in the Netherlands, valid for 24 hours and comes with 20 GB of bandwidth. The price was 0,2 USD per IP address (it has to be paid with the IPSX currency). The first IP I tried worked, and I got to see the sign up for the trial button as well!

I am about to start my free Disney+ trailer
I am about to start my free Disney+ trailer

Well, as you can see, I can now see the blue buttons and I am able to move on with the subscription. It for sure looks good, doesn’t it?

The next challenge when signing up for Disney+ preview in the Netherlands!

You might consider this a big success, but there is one more challenge waiting for you. During the sign-up process, you will need to add your payment details. It is a free-trial, but they still need your information, in case you will keep on using the platform after its official launch.

I tried with both a credit card and with PayPal, but for some reason, the PayPal option didn’t work. The problem with the payment card was that it wasn’t issued in the Netherlands. And guess what, without a Dutch payment card, you cannot start your free trial of Disney+ in the Netherlands.

There might be ways to get a Dutch payment card online, but I do not have one, and thus, I didn’t manage to finish the final step of my Disney+ registration.

If you have ideas related to getting a Dutch credit card number issued by a Dutch bank, write a comment. If you have one, use the IPSX platform and their IP addresses to get started watching the Disney+ trial in the Netherlands abroad.

Disney+ users in the Netherlands – how do you like it?

Have you used Disney+ in the Netherlands already? How do you like it? Can it replace Netflix? Or will you end up owning a subscription to both services in the end? I would love to hear your thoughts about the platform!

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