How to watch Australia vs Wales online (Rugby World Cup)

Australia opened the Rugby World Cup by beating Fiji. Wales opened the world cup by defeating Georgia. Now it is time for Australia to play against Wales. This is going to be exciting. Which team will win? How can you watch Australia vs Wales online? This is how!

Australia vs Wales online streaming guide
Can Australia beat Wales, just like they won against Fiji in their opening match?

Wales is ranked as the fourth-best rugby nation in the world. That is quite amazing for such a little nation, but I guess they are tougher and harder than rocks and the cliffs upon which Great Britain is located. But, two places behind them on the official World Rugby ranking you can find Australia. So, this is going to be one of the toughest matches of the rugby world cup so far. It can almost be compared to the match between New Zealand and South Africa, which ended in a victory for New Zealand.

This is going to be a crucial match for both teams, and they will be very eager to win. Personally, I believe Wales might be the better team and win this, but we all know that Australia is capable of beating Wales on a good day. It shouldn’t be forgotten that Australia was the team that made it all the way to the final of the rugby world cup back in 2015 (in which they lost against New Zealand).

How to watch Wales vs. Australia online?

There are two recommended ways for those who want to stream Wales vs Australia online. The one option is to watch it on Tenplay in Australia and the other option is to watch it on ITV in the UK. Both methods will work well, and probably you should pick the channel based on which team you cheer for.

But, if you want to stream the match online on either of the channels, you will still need a subscription to the VPN provider ExpressVPN.

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ExpressVPN is the ONLY VPN provider on the market that works with Tenplay in Australia. They are also the fastest on the market, and they work with the BBC in the UK, with ITV (of course), and also with 7-8 different Netflix regions and so much more. They come with a 30-day full refund policy, making it no risk at all to try their services. Should you click the button above and purchase a subscription you will even great a big discount, especially if you purchase a 12-months package (you will then get three additional months for free.

After you have purchased an ExpressVPN subscription, download their VPN client and install it.

To watch Australia vs Wales online on ITV in the UK

  • Open the application and connect to a server in the UK.
  • Visit and start streaming. If you do not have an ITV account yet, create one straight away. It is completely free, but a ZIP code in the UK is required during the registration process. If you cannot find one or need help getting one, check our guide on how to stream ITV abroad.
  • Watch Australia vs Wales live online on ITV.

To watch Australia vs Wales online on Tenplay in Australia

  • Open the ExpressVPN application and connect to a server in Australia (Sydney 1 or Sydney 3).
  • Visit Create a free user on the website.
  • Try streaming. If it doesn’t work, open your browser in Incognito mode/Privacy mode, and stream it there!
  • Watch Australia vs Wales online on Tenplay

You should now be ready to watch Australia against Wales online, and you can later watch every single other match from the Rugby World Cup online at the ITV website. At Tenplay, you can only stream the matches in which the Australian team plays, and later also some of the quarter-finals, one semi-final, the bronze final, and in the end – the grand final!

The match between Wales and Austalia will be played on September 29th, starting at 16.45 local time in Japan. The match will be played at the Tokyo Stadium in Tokyo.

Do you need help watching Wales vs Australia online?

If you need any help or have a comment or a question, use the comment field beneath. Which team will you cheer for? Which nation do you believe will win the match?

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