How to watch South Africa vs. Namibia online (Rugby World Cup 2019)

September 28th will be an amazing day for rugby fans. There will be played three matches in the Rugby World Cup and the match to end the day will be played between South Africa and Namibia. Would you like to watch South Africa – Namibia online? This is how it can be done!

Both Namibia and South Africa will come to this game without points and a defeat in their backpacks. But, neither of them had an easy first match. Namibia played against Italy. Well, Namibia is currently ranked as the 23rd best rugby nation in the world while Italy is the 13th best rugby nation in the world. They lost the match 47-22.

how to watch namibia vs south africa online
South Africa opened the world cup by losing against the big favorites New Zealand

South Africa is ranked as the fifth-best rugby nation in the world. So, who did they play against in the opening match that made them lose 23-13? Well, they played against the nation which has won the last two rugby world cups, that is, New Zealand. All honor to South Africa, they played well against New Zealand, but they didn’t really have a chance and deserved the loss.

But, when South Africa and Namibia enters the field on the City of Toyota Stadium on September 28th at 18.45 local time in Japan, everyone will expect South Africa to get an easy win. But, will they? And how can you watch the match online?

This is how you can watch South Africa – Namibia online!

You can find detailed information on how to watch the world cup online at, but in short steps, this is what you need to do.

ITV in the UK will broadcast this match online, and all other matches played during the Rugby World Cup. So, to stream all the action online, you better get access to ITV abroad. But, how can that be done?

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  • Visit the ITV website. Create a user (if you do not have one already). Make sure to register your new user with a ZIP code in the UK.
  • Watch South Africa vs. Namibia live online for free!

That is how easy it is. Are you impressed? Are you ready to watch the match online? Do you believe this will become an easy victory for South Africa?

If you need any further help, advise, or have a question of some sorts, use the comment field beneath.

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