Suits is history – watch it all on Netflix

The USA Network TV series named Suits is now history. The final episode aired in the United States on September 25th, and we have said goodbye to Donna, Harvey, Louis, Mike, Samantha, and the others for the last time. Now the only thing that is left is to stream it all over again!

I have written a lot about Suits season 9 and Suits in general here in the IP Address Guide. One of the most popular articles here lately has been the article dealing with how to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix. Guess what, you can stream the full season on Netflix already. So, if you just want to watch the final season of Suits, or if you want to stream all nine seasons of Suits on Netflix, check the article and get started!

One Last Con - the final episode of Suits is now on Netflix!
One Last Con – the final episode of Suits is now on Netflix!

My thoughts on the final season of Suits

I have had mixed feelings throughout the final season of Suits. It is probably fair and square that the story had to come to an end, but the creators managed to make the final season an interesting one. The constant battle was the one between Faye and all the managing partners. So, the final season has been all about this battle and how to lead the company. It all ended up with the final episode, one I had looked forward to for a long time. But, if you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading, because I am about to spoil the fun.

I saw the final episode of Suits season 9 last night. I was really curious to see how the battle between Faye and the managing partners would end, and I was worried about how they would make it all fit into a 40 minutes episode. Well, I quickly noticed that the last episode lasted for 47 minutes and not the normal 40 minutes. I was happy about this, hoping that it would make more content fit into the episode.

Getting rid of Faye – that went quickly!

I really hoped there would be time for a worthy end to the story, meaning that it would be left more than 1 minute in the end to say goodbye and bring the different stories to an end. But, I was surprised to see how quickly they managed to end the entire Faye-case, so after 20 minutes of the last episode, the story had really come to an end, and it was about 25 minutes left to see what happened to the rest in their personal lives. I quickly read some comments on Reddit, and I saw several people commenting that they didn’t like how quickly (and easily) the Faye case was ended. I have got to agree with them on that. I expected more fireworks and a bigger battle, but somehow, it just went by and suddenly it was over.

I loved all the stuff we got to know about in the end, to see how Louis got his baby-girl, how Donna and Harvey got married, and also that we got to know how Harvey and Donna decided to move after Mike and Rachel to work more for welfare and to do good. But, it also felt like a sweet soup that we were served for 25 minutes. Luckily, it had to come to an end, because if not, I would probably have gotten a sugar shock after 30 minutes. It was nice, but it felt like a little bit too much (almost). Then again, it was a nice way to say goodbye to the viewers after 9 seasons and lots of episodes, so I do not blame the creators for this end at all.

Suits season 9 conclusion

I enjoyed the ride, I enjoyed the episodes, but I don’t really mind that it has come to an end. If I knew that 2-3 more seasons would come, I wouldn’t have started with season 9 at all. But, knowing that closure is ahead inspired me and helped me get started. So, if you want closure on the Suits story, this is your chance!

What to stream now?

There is so much left to stream that I don’t worry for a second. This Is Us season 4 premiered on NBC a few days ago, and it will for sure be a treat. In less than a week, it is time for The Blacklist season 7 to premiere on NBC, and once again, I really look forward to streaming it!

But, there are lots of original Netflix series that I have enjoyed lately, and many more are coming. I recently watched the seven episodes of The I-Land. It wasn’t extraordinary, but for a short limited series, it worked well. Currently, I am watching Unbelievable, a very good original series that has been binge-watched by tens of thousands of people already. It tells a terrible story about a guy raping women in the most disgusting ways, and how the police work like crazy to catch him. Luckily, only the first episodes deal with the actual rapes, while the later episodes just deal with the investigation.

I have also started watching the new Netflix series named Inside Bill’s Brain, a limited series of three episodes that will let you learn more about Bill Gates. I have only seen half the first episode so far, but I like it, even though I am surprised to see that it is all about sanitation and clean water so far, and not much about his time in Microsoft and his pioneer period within computer technology. But, there is still a lot left to stream, so maybe it will come soon!

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