How to watch This Is Us season 1-6 online?

Would you like to watch This Is Us season 1-6 on Netflix? Would you like to watch the third season of This Is Us somewhere else online? How can it be done? Which is the best place to stream This Is Us season 1-6 online?

This Is Us has been an incredible success for NBC since its birth. When other TV shows fight hard to be renewed for a second season, This Is Us was at once renewed for two more seasons. And, just a few months before the end of season 3, NBC decided to renew This Is Us, not for one season, not for two seasons, but for three seasons! In other words, you can already look forward to six seasons of This Is Us.

The best way to watch This Is Us season 1-6 online

If you want to watch This Is Us seasons 1-6 online, the best way to do so is on Netflix. I might confuse you as I say this, after all, you haven’t found This Is Us on Netflix earlier. That might be true, but on Netflix in Canada, you can stream the show.

it is possible to stream this is us on netflix
Yes, it is possible to stream This Is Us seasons 1-6 on Netflix.

To watch This Is Us on Netflix in Canada, this is what you need to do!

  • You need an active Netflix subscription (doesn’t matter where it is registered, in which country).
  • You need a subscription to the VPN services of NordVPN. Click the button beneath to visit their website and get a major discount as you sign up. They even have a money-back guarantee, meaning that you are safe as you purchase a subscription.
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  • Download the NordVPN application to your computer, mobile device or tablet. You will find all the links you need after you have signed up for the service.
  • Install the NordVPN application and connect to a server in Canada.
  • Open your Netflix application on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or computer (or Fire TV / Android TV).
  • Search for This Is Us.
  • Stream This Is Us season 1-6 on Netflix.

When you have finished watching This Is Us, make sure to enjoy all the other awesome content available on Netflix in Canada. When you get tired of that, connect to a server in the UK to stream the content available on Netflix in the UK. In the same way, you can also access the content of Dutch Netflix, American Netflix, Japanese Netflix, and even some more countries using NordVPN. It is no wonder we call NordVPN one of the best VPN providers for Netflix!

Other ways to watch This Is Us online?

You can watch quite a lot of episodes at the actual NBC website. But, they only give you access to the newest episodes, all others are locked for those with an actual NBC subscription in the United States. But, if you want to stream the brand new episodes of This Is Us season 4 online, follow our instructions on how to watch NBC abroad, and watch them there a few hours after they have aired on TV in the USA. But, once the new episodes are released, you will also lose access to the currently available episodes from This Is Us season 6.

Here I have This Is Us at the NBC website
You can stream the newest This Is Us episodes at the NBC website

If you have a Hulu subscription, you can stream all three seasons of This Is Us online. Here you also get access to the new episodes a couple of hours after they have aired, making it a good solution for those in the United States. It is possible to access Hulu abroad, but it is quite hard to actually buy a subscription and sign up, so it isn’t an ideal solution for most people after all.

Here I am watching This Is Us on Hulu
Here I am watching This Is Us on Hulu

Watch This Is Us online – The conclusion!

If you want to watch This Is Us season 6 online, Netflix is the best option. Most people today have an actual Netflix subscription and it is easy to use it and the NordVPN subscription is all you need to make it work.

What makes This Is Us so special?

I have watched the first two seasons of This Is Us myself and it is a really special TV series. I remember sitting there really confused as I watched the first episode, but once I got a hold of the story, I was amazed. It is so great to see life back then, and at the same time, see the same family in today’s world. How is life influenced today by what happened back then? One of my favorite episodes is the episode about Thanksgiving and how the family got their special traditions for Thanksgiving.

In other words, This Is Us is a drama series that will make you laugh, cry, feel inspired, and it is no wonder it has become such a success. Instead of just eating crap, this is actually a good meal that will do good for your body, soul and your spirit. I can warmly recommend it!

If you need help streaming This Is Us season 6 on Netflix or somewhere else, write a comment. If you simply want to share your thoughts about This Is Us, I would love to hear what you think about the series!

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