ExpressVPN SmartDNS – Setup instructions and what it can do for you!

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN providers on the market. They might actually be the very best if your goal is to safe securely and unblock websites at the same time. But, did you know that they also have a SmartDNS service included in your subscription. This is ideal for those who want to Read More

Smart Play becomes even smarter [NordVPN]

Isn’t it brilliant when you see someone who develop and grow smarter? The same has happened with the Smart Play service from NordVPN! Smart Play has existed for a while, but with the latest NordVPN update all NordVPN users will actually use this service. You will no longer have to activate it and deactivate it Read More

How Netflix has made the life of SmartDNS providers almost impossible!

It is incredible how life changes in an instant. We do not like to think of accidents and how they can cause changes in an instant, but causes can also be changed by other happenings. In lots of nations Uber has caused trouble for the normal Taxi drivers. The taxi drivers did not expect this Read More

Is a SmartDNS subscription enough?

Are you considering to buy a SmartDNS subscription, but you are still not sure if that is enough and if you will need a VPN subscription as well? Here are some things you should consider before you go on. A SmartDNS subscription is really useful as you go out there to watch different content online, Read More

Why doesn’t the Netflix application work with SmartDNS?

Have you ever experienced what we wrote about in an article yesterday, that the Netflix application will not work with your SmartDNS provider. Everything has been setup correctly, the SmartDNS is working perfectly, but as you start the Netflix application on your Android phone or some other device, it simply says that you are located Read More