Netflix blocking more and more VPN and SmartDNS providers

netflix blocking vpnIn the end of January all the Internet was packed with articles about Netflix strangling VPN providers and blocking their IP addresses. Now one month later there are not so many articles written on the subject anymore, but that does not mean that nothing is happening. It rather means that a lot is happening!

In the end of January 2016 we read news about people being blocked and receiving the unblocker and proxy error as they tried to watch Netflix using a SmartDNS or VPN provider. In the end of February we experienced this very often ourselves, but still there were loads of providers still making it possible to watch US Netflix from abroad and Netflix in other regions.

Since then things have been quiet, but Netflix seems to be working on this issue day and night, because every day new IP addresses are blocked and every day new providers have to give their customers the message that their services can not be used for watching Netflix from abroad at the moment.

How to unblock Netflix as of February 2016?

It is very interesting to say, but the answer in the end of February is not the same as the answer was in the start of February. And the answer in the end of February 2016 will probably not be the answer in the middle of March, and that is what makes this tough. Since Netflix is out there constantly blocking new IP addresses it seems as if life is made much harder for those providers who live of helping people unblocking Netflix.

Based on our own tests it can be said that there are lots of ways to watch Netflix in another region, that is to unblock Netflix, also in the end of February 2016. But, there is  not one solution that will make the day. Because, if you use Unlocator to unblock Netflix at the moment you will find it working in some regions, while you will get the unblocker and proxy error in other regions. The same is true if you try unblocking Netflix using services such as HideMyAss, PureVPN, IPVanish and other services.

Luckily these providers all have refund policies, meaning that you can easily sign up for a subscription with one provider at the time. If it works, keep your subscription, and if it does not work, ask for a refund and go ahead and try the next provider!

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