NordVPN adding lots of new servers

NordVPN seems to fight to be among the best VPN providers on the market, at least it seems so based on their server update frequency.

It doesn’t feel like a long time since we last wrote about how NordVPN just updated their VPN services with new servers in already existing and in new nations. Now they have updated once more, and this time they have added the following servers in the following nations:

Canada #81-84
Costa Rica #2
Denmark #3
France #13-15
Germany #135-138
Netherlands #48-67
Spain #7-9
Sweden #19-25
Sweden Onion server #2
Taiwan #3
Turkey #2-3
United Kingdom #81-89

You will maybe notice the special server in Sweden which has been added, the Onion server. This is a special server which can be used by Tor users, and there are for sure lots of online privacy concerned people in Sweden who will be happy about this update. You can in other words be sure about the fact, that NordVPN is one of the best options for those looking for a way to get a secure and encrypted Swedish IP address online.

New NordVPN servers

In the blog post in which they discuss these new servers, they have also promised that in the near future we can expect even more servers in the following countries:

Australia – 4 servers
Brazil – 4 servers
Japan (Tokyo) – 4 servers
Mexico – 4 servers
Singapore – 4 servers
Sweden – 4 servers

This seems to be very promising stuff, and it is always especially interesting to test new servers, because often new servers can be used to access Netflix in different regions and countries, since the used IP addresses are not yet blocked by Netflix.

If you want to know more about NordVPN, then we suggest that you take a closer look upon our NordVPN review.

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