NordVPN is updating their refund policy

NordVPN has recently made some changes to their company, and some of their policies. As a result, all your interactions and transactions will be between nordvpn s.a. (the company) and you, and not a company carrying a different name. But, that doesn’t really matter so much to most people. But, a difference that might deserve some more attention is the change that has happened to their refund policy!

VPN providers normally have very nice and solid refund policies available. NordVPN runs with a 30-day full refund policy which is very nice and neat, and gives security to the buyers as they pay for a subscription. But, it shouldn’t be unknown to most of us that people love to take advantage of fair play and generousity. As a result, many people have on purpose bought a subscription, asked for a refund after 29 days, and later created a brand new subscription and then once again asked for a subscription after 29 days. As a result, they have used the service continously and without paying, simply by taking advantage of the refund policy.

Update to the NordVPN refund policy
NordVPN refund policy

It is due to such abuse, that NordVPN has moderated their refund policy. It is still valid for thirty days, but they have set some regulations if they discover that the same person keeps asking for a refund over and over again. You can take a look at the full refund policy of NordVPN below.

If you wish to claim a refund, you can do so within 30 days following your purchase of our Services. We seek your full satisfaction with our Services. However, we would like to troubleshoot an issue you experience first. There are common service configuration issues that may hinder the Services for you, and we resolve most user issues encountered.

Subscriptions purchased via the iTunes/App Store are subject to iTunes/App Store refund policies. This means we cannot grant refunds if you purchased an app through iTunes/App Store – you will have to contact store support for that. Payments made using prepaid cards or gift cards will not be refunded. Nord cannot refund any purchases made from our resellers (Amazon, BestBuy, StackSocial, etc.). In this case, refunds are handled according to the terms of service of the reseller from which the product was purchased. For payments made in cryptocurrency, the equivalent amount in US Dollars will be refunded in the same cryptocurrency (based on the rate of exchange at the moment of refund).

You have a right to cancel your account at any time. You can cancel a recurring subscription from your Nord account, iTunes/App Store or Google Play Store. Canceled accounts will not be refunded for the unused part of the ongoing service period.

You can only get a refund for our Services twice. If you buy any of our Services again after that, you will not be granted a refund for any further cancellation. We do not grant refunds for recurring subscription payments if you cancel the Services after the renewal, unless applicable law provides otherwise. No refunds will be considered for accounts terminated for violation of these Terms. Once the refund is issued to you, you will lose access to the Services.

From NordVPN, Terms of Service

Here you can also see that they are having a fix against people asking for refund as they pay with cryptocurrencies. To be honest, this is quite generous, because most companies will not give you any form of refund if you pay with cryptocurrencies. But, the fact that NordVPN refund your subscription that you have paid for with crypto, should be considered really fair play. Of course, if you pay with Ethereum and the price of Ethereum increase and you later ask for a refund, then you will receive less Ethereum in return than the amount you originally paid, as the refund will be returned in the Dollar value of that given currency on that day. No matter what, this is 100% fair play!

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Have you ever asked NordVPN for a refund? Did you get it? Are you satisfied with the refund policy of this Panama-based company? I would love to hear your thoughts and about your experiences!

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