PureVPN allowing 5 simultaneous connections with 1 VPN subscription

Happy new year everyone and great news for people who already have a subscription with PureVPN and for those about to get hold of one! With PureVPN you can no longer only use one or two devices at the same time with your VPN subscription, but you can now use five.

VPN for the entire family
VPN for the entire family with ONE PureVPN subscription

In other words, you do not need five different VPN subscriptions for your family or one for every single device you own. No, with one subscription at a normal price you can use the same username and password to login and use PureVPNs VPN services at five different computers and devices at the same time. That is simply amazing and a great service offered. Hopefully other VPN providers will follow in their footsteps and come up with similar services and products. Some providers such as IPVanish let users connect with two devices simultaneously, but five, that is only PureVPN.

If you read this just after the article is published it is also worth noticing that PureVPN still has their Christmas sale going, meaning that you can get great discounts if you buy a VPN subscription today. So, visit their website and get started right away. It is worth it, and it will improve your security online!




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