Best VPN in Australia

Are you one of the lucky people living in Australia permanently, or maybe only for some days or months? Are you often using open wireless networks around, or maybe in the torrenting business? Need a VPN provider in Australia which is both good, cheap and with good speeds? Let us present to you the best VPNs in Australia!

We have earlier written articles dealing with how to get an IP address in Australia and so on, but that article is only interesting if you are living outside Australia and need a local IP address to watch Ten Network or get hold of some other geo-blocked content for some reason. But, those reading this article are most likely already located in Australia and looking for a VPN provider in Australia with good service, easy to use client and most important, good upload and download speeds.

To help you find the best VPN provider in Australia we have therefore used some of the most famous and known to be best VPN providers on the market to check their speeds, and based on that we will now present to you the best VPN providers in Australia.

Best VPN in Australia

Best VPN providers in Australia

During our tests we connected to the servers of four different VPN providers; HideMyAss, PureVPN, VyprVPN and IPVanish. We connected to their servers using the different VPN providers, then we reopened our browser, visited (and also our own speedtest) and tested download speeds. Here you can see the results. Concerning the download speeds it is important to know that the tests are made from Hungary, which again means that there will be a giant speed loss due to the distance to Australia in kilometres, but still the results speak for themselves giving us two winners, and two VPN providers not worth using for this purpose.

VPNs in Australia with poor speeds

VPNs in Australia with much better speeds

As you can see it is almost the same if you choose PureVPN or IPVanish. Still we would recommend IPVanish due to the fact that they have a seven day money back guarantee, which is slightly better than the three day guarantee from PureVPN. In addition they have servers in more nations than PureVPN, making the overall product better. But, if you prefer PureVPN to IPVanish, feel free!

PureVPN websiteIPVanish website

Press the button above to visit the IPVanish website. If you have further comments or insight, please write a comment to share whatever is on your mind.


2 thoughts on “Best VPN in Australia

  1. Joe says:

    Hi to all,
    What ever anyone in Australia is using as VPN just don’t use Hide my Ass VPN there the worst company you ever come across.
    After the trial period we could not connect to there Servers and so it goes on for weeks with service department and what ever plus lots of emails with no help what so ever.
    So Australians don’t use them you are wasting time and money and no refund!!!!
    There service department is run by complete incompetent people namely idiots.
    So what ever you do don’t us them they are 100% fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Thomas Stein says:

      Thanks for the comment Joe! I would be careful to call HideMyAss a fraud, because they have tens of thousands of satisfied users around worldwide, and in addition I saw today that they just added a new server in Australia, making it easier to get an Australian IP address and giving better chances of better speeds. Might not make them the best option available, but hopefully much better!

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