PureVPN also has Bitcoin support

Last week we wrote an article about StrongVPN adding Bitcoin support, or giving their users a chance of paying with Bitcoin. In the article we also wrote that another big VPN provider with Bitcoin payment available is EarthVPN.

Yesterday we found out just reading the latest blog post on the PureVPN website that they also have Bitcoin support, so with this little post we simply wanted to point it out that they also have such payment options.

Why is Bitcoin payments better than other payment options?

Many people use VPN to stay untracable and invisible on the Internet. But, if you make a payment with your a Card it can be traced back to your original location easily. However, if you use for example Bitcoin you will buy your subscription anonymously and it will be much harder/impossible to track back your original location. So, Bitcoin can be very useful if you want 100% safety and to make it harder to track back who you really are. For those who do not care that much about staying anonymous online, but use VPNs for the sake of watching NBC from abroad and other TV channels, it doesn’t really matter so much though!

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